Anyone work with First American Notary Direct?

I took the signing with this service feeling confident that I would be paid…I mean why not?! It is First American…right?
Well that is not quite correct. When I complete a closing for my local First American I am paid through FASS. This one I had to send an invoice to. I closed on July 18, 2018 and still have not been paid. I call and of course there is always an excuse and the ACH will be reissued, etc. but I am still not paid. I called First American this morning assuming that they would help and they said they have nothing to do with First American Notary Direct and that I would have to call the office direct. Not happy. I feel scammed. I do not think I will take another closing from them. Anyone else worked with them or had this problem?

Never heard of them. FASS is it.

It is new. according to First American out of TX this is how all payment will be made. I cannot imagine why. I am not sure if my leg is being pulled but that is what I was told today. When I spoke with the FASS they knew nothing about it. No one at the local office seems to know anything about the Snapdocs trial they were doing. Weird.

Finally paid! I was getting worried on this one. Not quite 30 days out but that is a long time for First American. Cannot seem to get a straight story from anyone that knows about First American Notary Direct.

FASS works two ways. One is for FASS’s signing service and the other is the escrow officer/assistant that pulls a name from the FASS list and calls you directly. I have had assignments both ways. In the second instance you must submit an invoice to be paid. They pay direct deposit either way and I have always been paid within 48 hours of the closing date.

See, that was my problem. First Am always pays fast. This is the first one I completed for “First American Notary Direct.” No one at FASS or the local First American knew anything about Notary Direct. That concerned me along with not being paid in the normal timely manor. I felt like I was having my leg pulled by them. Never a direct answer as to why I had not been paid. Then they wanted an additional 3 weeks to look into it.

I suspect that First American Notary Direct is not affiliated with First American Signing Services and that they are playing off the name and hoping to fool signing agents into thinking they are getting assignments from FASS. When I search for First American Notary Direct, I do not come up with anything in the search engines. They may be too new to rank. It would explain why it took so long for you to get paid.

I worked for FASS back in 2005-2008. Their fees were $50.00 for a full package and I accepted it because number 1, I was a new notary in January of 2005 and number 2, they paid quickly and had a system where I could pick the signing jobs I wanted. sadly, I stopped working for them in 2008’ish because of the market crash and because they really weren’t worth doing anymore and they were extremely stringent. Three strikes and you’re out and they would give you a strike if they found out you were 5 minutes late and didn’t tell them. Needless to say the relationship ended. I didn’t think they were even in business anymore. If I remember correctly they are a First American Title company outfit but at a corporate level so your local office may not have a direct connection with them.

I have a contract that I present to ANY company that I do signings for saying they will pay the amount due in 30 calendar days. If they don’t want to sign, then neither do I. So far it has worked very well.

FASS is a different company that doesn’t use Snapdocs.

This is a post from 2018. Rumor had it back then First Americans files would be going to Snapdocs. That did not happen, But First American Direct is using Snapdocs. First American Signature Services is closing First American. Too many First Americans around. All operate differently