Anyone worked with expert notary signers inc?

Has anyone worked with this company

Terrible reviews on NR. Slow pay lowballers.

The company is called Expert Notary Signing


They paid well back in 2015, My last signing with them they had to pay a $25. print fee. That was me last order.
They my have lower their fees since them, not sure. But they paid on time, except for the print fee invoice, they were 2 months late.
Good luck.

Thank you for this information

Do not do any work for this company. When it pops up on Snapdocs, ignore them. I have been trying to get paid for work I did in late November and I have not been paid yet. I have emailed and sent messages to them through Snapdocs regarding payment and the response was “did I listen to the recording”. I listened to it the first time I called and went through the proper channels to get paid. I know an e-check does not take 2 months…that I do know.

STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM!! They are horrible! I will continue to harass them for payment until I get paid. I just wish I had the LO number or title’s number. The signing I did for them was through ValueAmerica and I have no direct contact to title or the LO.

STAY AWAY FROM THEM. There are far better companies that do pay on time and do not make it seem like it’s your fault that you haven’t been paid yet.

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I have done dozens of closings for this company, mostly round table closings (RTC - 2 RE agents, buyer, seller, possibly lender) and they paid almost as much as the Notary Fee listed on the CD and quite quickly, I might add. Extremely happy with all the work they were giving me, with all of the contacts there, and all the documents were uniform since they were using only one title company (Entitle) that I knew of. Suddenly, and I mean suddenly, everything stopped on July 16th, 2018, the date I received my last check for the last assignment two weeks earlier. I couldn’t get anyone on the phone, I couldn’t get a return call from any VM I left. or email I wrote…nothing. I was extremely sorry to have to move on from what I thought was a superior working relationship.

I worked for them continually until November 2018. Yes, mostly RTC or refi.
Got paid for everything by January. They have not made any offers this year. They were a good income source for me.

Thank for you this information. I did a closing for them on 9-6-19. and that will be my first and last time ever doing business with them. I should have done some research before accepting the assignment. My experience with them was not good and I would strongly advise any notary to STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

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anyone have any positive experience with this company recently? I’m getting orders from them and hesitant to accept due to all the past negative comments. thanks for your input.

I work with this company all the time and get paid in 30 days of course I send a reminder to them for the one that is 30 days and any ones that are coming up with in the next ten days and every time I get my check within 2 days.Also I have countered a price some times I get it and other times they get some one cheaper,You win some and lose some!

I receive signings from them quite frequently. Most i’m able to take. They initially always offer $75 for refinance. I always offer $125 and they will call me back and send me the job. All updates are done thru their website. I rarely get an assignment for them thru Snapdocs. If you sign up for the company, you will get text alerts. Pay outs are quick as well. So far, no complaints.

Company sucks. It’s been 50 days and still no payment. No answer on the phone and only and auto-reply from billing saying “you will be paid” blah blah blah. First and last signing for them.

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Completed a signing on 27 Feb 2020 for this company and after three phone calls 0 return calls and two emails, no response. 44 days and counting.

They pay me regularly, like 90 days, 120 days. Ya … a real pleasure.

Stay away, slow pay micro manage and scans required on every order.

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