Anyone Worked with Quick Closings 123?

Has Anyone worked with this company before? They emailed me out of the blue last night and I know I have never signed up with them, nor does their company name sound familiar. They also did a “blast” email to multiple signing agents, exposing everyone’s email address instead of using the “BCC” option.

Said they got my info from the NNA website.

When I google the company website, there was a warning stating the website may be hacked!

This is their info:


Email: /

Phone: 888-715-5913

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Too many redflags for me, I’d not work for them unless I was named on the CD.

I know this is way too late for your purposes, I’m sure. However, I just wanted to note that Quickclosings 123 is one of the best signing services I’ve ever worked for. Deborah is understanding (she does closings as well), she is fair in her prices (because she does closings as well) and she pays within 30 days. Would highly recommend her…for future reference.


Does this company use SD for its closings?

SD? Not sure what that means.

Sorry, SnapDocs platform.

Sorry for the delay. No, she just calls notaries herself, when needed.

Yes. This company is legitimate. I just completed one signing for them. Deborah is really nice and she promised that I will be paid within 30 days. After I get my payment will update here again.

PLEASE STAY FAR away from them!!! I can not believe how unprofessional they are. They begged me to do a closing last minute (which I did) and the title company added additional documents 15 minutes after I printed the documents and went to the closing. I advised them that I wanted additional funds to go back out and the agent actually CURSED at me. After they finally agreed to compensate me it took THREE MONTHS to get paid and they deducted the additional funds. I am a LICENSED MORTGAGE professional and she actually told me that I do not know what I am doing. I WOULD STRONGLY encourage you to not do signings for this company!