Apostille Fees?

I’m in Florida, I wanted to know how much do notaries charge for Aspotille service.

I did hit the search topic first and did see too much information regarding fees except for traveling distance.

Thanks in advance.

I’m familiar with the state fees etc.

Since obtaining an apostille is not notary work, the appropriate fee for helping get one would be the same whether one is a notary or not. I wouldn’t expect to find much about it within Notary Cafe, but there are plenty of sites on the internet that do this kind of work; you could see how much they charge.

In case it wasn’t clear from your previous research, in Florida, the only competent authority to issue an apostille is the Florida Secretary of State. An entrepreneur who was involved in this would be essentially acting as a messenger.

yes, the notary is the messenger …lol thanks!!

Same as in Arizona. That process MUST be done via the SOS office.

@FBagnato123 is correct…as per [ A.R.S. § 41-311(3)] The Arizona Secretary of State’s office is tasked with issuing apostilles and certificates of authentication. Arizona notaries do not have the authority to perform this type of certification.

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