Approximately how long will it take to receive a signing?

I am a beginner in the business. I have signed up with so many signing services that I’ve lost count. I receive text messages and alerts that assignments are available but I’ve been passed over every time. All credentials are uploaded, I’m highly ranked on most platforms, and I respond quickly. How do I get my foot in the door and start getting business?

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First of all, don’t become discouraged. I also am a Newbie; having started in Mid March. I’ve had 4 signings assigned which took place after about 3 weeks of me wondering like you; when will I get my first one. One of the most important things you can do is to make sure your profile describes "your past work experiences and your strengths . Put yourself in the place of the Signing Service who must “choose” which one of the notaries they’ll select when an order comes through for them to fulfil. Of course, they’ll prefer someone who has done qualify work for them before; just makes sense; right?. But sooner or later, they’ll need someone NOW and will be willing to give you an opportunity. Since I’ve completed the signing that were assigned to me, without any errors, I’m sure that will continue to open more doors for me. Last Monday I had foot surgery, and am unable to accept any signing at this time, but I’m pleased to see that I receive an average of 5 or so invitations per day asking am I available. I make certain that when I say “I’m not available at that time” I mention the facts about my foot surgery, so the Siging Services will know WHY I’M NOT AVAILABLE. In the meanwhile, continue to educate yourself and read the different blogs so you can learn from the experienced notaries. It’ll all together sooner or later. Just remember, that all Popcorn doesn’t pop at the same time. Your time to pop will come soon. I wish you success.


On most of your signing and other contract services profile page you will find a location for you to temporarily change your availability. you will be able to block out those dates that you are unavailable and provide your explanation there. They will stop your notifications until the calendar once again shows you as available.

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Thank you so much for the support! I will continue to register for signing services, advertise and market my business. I know that things don’t happen overnight just got a little inpatient. Your kind words are greatly appreciated. @billwaddell999 hope your well soon and back to