Are memberships in NNA and NSA worth the money?

I know how to do loan closings as I have now completed about 180 within the last year on Snapdocs alone. Considering my initial outlays for printers, memberships, toner etc. I really want to keep my costs down to keep cash in my pocket.
I am thinking of not renewing memberships in NNA nor the re-certification process for NSA. Should I or shouldn’t I shell out the money?

I’ll keep my own money thank you very much!

P.S. Does anybody out there provide CD’s with customer PDF docs instead of printing the whole set a second time? I will print and give the customer a copy of the note, closing disclosure, right to cancel and 1st payment letter with coupons.

Most TC’s specifically tell you not to provide an electronic copy of the docs to the client.


To comment on your topic question, unless I have it wrong, membership in the NNA also gets you listed on their website. Companies searching for a local signing agent can login and look there. Also, if you have passed their CSA test then you get their CSA symbol listed next to your name on your profile on

I feel that I have been able to generate some business contacts over the years from my listing. I am not sure if my listing is still generating exposure but due to the sites popularity a few years ago, it is one of the more well known sites, so that is why I continue to pay their membership fees.

It is also just one more of my (deducible) business expenses.

Hope this helps.


Excellent feedback. The majority of replies support what you are saying. As such I have decided to renew my memberships.
Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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