Are there MORE Signing Agents in 2020 - 2021?

Does anyone know? It seems like there are tons of New signing agents. Not so many old ones. What do you think?

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Now that you’ve asked…Yes, there seems to be way more newbs than at any other time in the past. Most seem to have bought into the Loan Signing System over-the-top hype–which is mainly CA-centric, as some have discovered. The only constant in this business is change. The old ones (like me) see the changes as contributing to the decrease of fees, while increasing labor & cost. The annoyance factor of ever-more platforms is driving everyone into a new kind of rat-race to the bottom. What a few companies can still do with one phone call & one e-mail takes platforms 14 e-mails and nearly endless ‘check-off steps’ to accomplish.


Some seem to forget that thousands of people lost their job and income when the pandemic hit and needed to find an income revenue. Yes their are probably way more LSA than ever before but I would be safe to say that their is probably way more transaction going on to.

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Yes there is. As @Arichter stated, there’s a lot of new notaries buy into the LSS hype in hopes to quit their job and get rich quick.


Yes it is. I average about 10-15 closings a week, however I have been doing these for 5 years or so. I try to explain to those who are interested in becoming a signing agent, its pretty much like a cattle call. Seniors like myself grab them first and newer notaries only get what we turn down.

Yes there are many many more, I have been signing full time since 2009. This always happens when it is busy. Unfortunately the time always comes when it slows down. The flood creates less business for all of us unless your willing to not make a profit.

That really annoying “Make 6 figures as a Notary!” crap?

People, if the jerk (yes, that guy - I mean, seriously, he even looks like the stereotype of a used car salesman) truly had such a great system, why wouldn’t he be DOING it? Oh, right! Because he makes more money conning - excuse me - convincing other people to pay him for a bunch of tired old advice he cobbled together out of ancient marketing texts and old Zig Zigler lectures.

6 figures? Uh-hunh. And just where is that decimal point, buddy?


…Until the Refi gravy train rolls off the tracks. The fact the signing fees are on the decline is a clear indicator that the Ratio between LSAs and Available Engagements is high.

Yes, there are more signing agents this year. A couple weeks ago I had a call from a SS I do work with on occasion. When they call me it is usually because they need someone soon, someone reliable and on an assignment that is important to them that they are not going to quibble about fee. I chided them about “dumping a girl” and I was told directly – “that’s not it, this year we have hired literally hundreds of new notaries. It’s a testing season, but sometimes it’s just not worth it!” You are all familiar with this company who was so blunt. But, I do not share secrets so don’t PM me to find out anything. This girl doesn’t tell!!!