Are you afraid of liability? then this industry may not be for you!

So I have been scanning through not only recent posts, but primarily past posts I haven’t read going back the last year. I came up with a common denominator: There is a good chunk of NSA’s out there, most appearing new (to the forum anyways) just wanting to sign, stamp and drive, then get paid without any questions asked. Obviously there is a lot more to what we do than this. I can’t think of a single job, whether at a car wash or a law/tax firm that doesn’t come with personal /professional liability. It is why we are required to have insurance to operate our businesses (supposed to anyway). More importantly, this liability is shared with the client who hired you, in addition to having their own separate liabilities. The mere fact of expecting to work with no responsibility for your actions (or in actions) and expecting to get paid is called a “free paycheck,” and there is only one entity (that I’m aware of) in our lives that offers such (I’ll leave that up to you all to figure out). And the only thing I can think of to eliminate this “liability” one may be concerned about is for the client who hired you be given the opportunity to verify that they CONFIRMED that they got what they paid you for. This CONFIRMATION “usually” comes in the form of you receiving payment from them! When a company states “deductions” for errors, that deduction “usually” happens PRIOR to them paying you (which means they reviewed your work). Anyone here ever get paid and have a deduction notice come after the fact? Just wanted to throw this out there to “thin the threads” but welcome your feedback at the same time.


This business is definitely not one for the faint of heart. We as Notaries have a great deal of responsibilities not only to the client we serve but to the post we hold. It is a delicate and often time a balancing act that can keep you up at night if you don’t keep apprise of your State Laws.

Trust is important!! The borrower, the hiring company and the State lean on us to be impartial, fair, honest and accurate in our day to day dealings. Any Notary who enters this business thinking…free money, easy peezy, no big deal…. may want to rethink their position. IMO


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