Are you busy with purchases? Yikes!

Are you busy with purchases? Refi is a bit slow but purchase is up? Yikes!


Nope. Seller packages…quite a few selling CO property…while, apparently, others are buying it.


I’m seeing Sellers packages👀


Yerp, all day every day. Friday and Monday are usually all purchases, Tues-Thursday, more refis and pre-signs.

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I’m doing both sellers and buyers and still a fair number of refi’s.

(Does anybody but me care?)

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None, zero………lol​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

What’s a “pre-sign”?

Seller pre-sign, takes 15-20 mins

Still confused. What happens, exactly, in a “pre-sign”? One either is signing or they’re not. Pre-signing what? (I’m not being cranky, just curious, because I’ve never heard of this kind of signing before).


Fair question. Here(MD) when a seller signs before the settlement date, they call it a pre-sign.

Ahhh, I see. I don’t think we have those in California.

I’m seeing an uptick in Property Tax Loans. I’m hearing from property owners that valuations when up by 25 to 50%. Folks aren’t able to afford the tax bill.


Mainly seller packages. I’ve done 5 purchases in the last month and they were all new builds. If things keep going “as is” we should see an uptick in HELOC’s and Cash Outs (unless they are living off of credit cards)…

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Yes, currently about 5 a week. We’ll see more purchases as the refi market slows I think and eventually housing market sees more inventory.

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Most HELOCS I see are only paying fifty bucks. That’s ridiculous considering I still have to print 150 pages, travel and conduct the signing. It doesn’t take too long at the table but it still takes time. I used to counter offer with $75 and get the job, but not any more.

More inventory YES But, because they are not selling!

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