ASAP Pro Notary Services LLC

Has anyone had issues with non payment and no communication from this signing service. I have left notes in snapdocs about non payment with no response. I sent them an email hoping for a response but it bounced back as being blocked by them.

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If you search these forums you’ll find multiple threads about this company.

No personal experience here…

I had a very bad experience so I decided not reply to their requests anymore -even though they could be very attractive $$. If I’m not mistaken, I had to contact Linda (who was the manager or the owner). Good luck!

I currently have 2 orders open with them. Their payment terms says 45 days. I am within that window with one of the orders now.

No issues with non payment, issues with last minute calls for services. Now I know why I don’t accept their request.

ASAP Pro Notary has been a very slow payer for years. Now, I understand they’ve lowered their fees too. I used to work with them but stopped a number of years ago because they took up to 60 days to pay, even after reminders sent to their accounting department. Type up a collection letter, (you can find sample letters by Google) and fax and email the letter. Keep after them. And, if they call for another assignment, tell them you can’t work for them until they pay you for what you’ve already done.

ASAP pays. Just factor the payment in for 30-60 days. I only accept “last minute” calls from snapdocs. They are on my short- approved list!

I did a signing for ASAP Pro Notary in late December and another in January, I called and spoke to Lisa and made notes of every call to get my money. She even acknowledged that I was owed money. After the first call and no check, I called again. I had it in mind to call them every week or every two weeks to get my money. It finally came this weekend 04/20/2019 lol. When chasing money, make a note of every email and every call you make. That way you have a paper trail. I will not being doing anymore work for them. There is no reason anyone should have to wait 4 month for their money, not unless it is expressed with that companies policies. Especially, since I know they use to pay on time all the time. Something has definitely changed with them.

According to April Elliot @ ASAP Notary Pro, They pay 45 days after completion of the signing, not including weekends, holidays and any day the mail does not deliver. That being said. I had to threaten them with legal recourse to get paid aftger 45 days and again after 87 calendar days they finally released the payments. I am not doing work for them again, this is unacceptable business practice. “once bitten, twice shy” Lesson learned.

I stopped accepting assignments from them awhile back. I was paid after repeated attempts, but NEVER again. I blocked them from sending me invites.

Yes I have. They were late in paying, and took forever to respond.

Very slow at paying. After repeated excuses the office employee said, "don’t take any of our assignments " I sure want with that attitude.

I just had the same experience with them. I even called title and was told they’ve never had anyone call them and say that ASAP hasn’t paid. I mentioned all they had to do was Google their company name and they could see how they’ve had many many complaints. So my suggestion is we start calling title companies to make sure that they know how ASAP is not paying us even though they’ve been paid. Frontier title was the title company that I spoke to. I finally received payment 70 days after the signing.

yes there are non payment issues with this company. I dont do closings for them anymore for that reason. You might try asking them if you should contact title directly to see why you have not been paid for work you had been contracted to do,-

or as a last resort if it becomes clear they will never pay you- tell them you will give the IRS a heads up on ASAP Pros dishonest business practices then, in case they decide to audit them. Then give them a little more time to see if they pay.
Hope this helps

Snapdocs is full of signing companies who slow pay or don’t pay at all. I contact companies directly.

I can help! I recently had to track down a payment from them and there was a message to text them in accounting. I guess a person in the payroll dept is in the hospital… anyway, i dont know if i should post the # on here or PM??

I have done a few for them over the years and somtimes they can be a little slow but at the end of the day they do pay up. I would recommend working for them.

Yelp reviews:

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