I did a closing 90 days ago and still haven’t been paid!!! Not only have I NOT been paid they won’t even respond to my emails!!!
Going to the BBB to report them and sent this to collections. TERRIBLE PLEASE BEWARE!!!


I wish I had seen this post prior to the 2 signings I did for them and still waiting for pay :disappointed:

Keep on it, I did finally get paid but it was 5 or 6 months later!!! We MUST all get the word out on the non paying companies so that we can concentrate our efforts and attention on the many good ones that are out there.

They pay late but you will get a check… Usually 90 days. Better late than never.

The BBB won’t touch your complaint because they do not get involved with payment issues. What you can do is call the title company agent and loan officer at the lender and let them know of their poor history with paying its notaries.

Also, its probably time to get a collection agency involved, imo, its better to get some of your money back than none as its the principal of the thing. You did the work, you deserve to get paid.

Good luck to you.


I have closed six loans for them this year thru SnapDocs, and found them easy to work with and responsive to communications, and they pay above the average SD rate.

HOWEVER, they consistently drag their feet sending payments. They will update on SD that they mailed a check, but it will arrive postmarked two weeks after the date they claim it was sent. I have been paid on three of the six signings, and it has taken an average of 74 days to get paid.

I am currently waiting for a check that was “mailed” July 17th - it has not been received. That signing is currently 89 days ago, the other two are 69 and 47 days old. I’m not trying to badmouth them, but just be aware that you are likely to wait for your check for a while.

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I’ve worked with Asappro Notary and have always been paid. They are slow in paying. You just need to email Lisa2 (owner) and she usually pays.

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They do pay however, I dont think I should have to remind a company to pay me for work I completed.

Thanks for the heads up! As a brand new NSA, I will be sure and steer clear of this company. I certainly don’t have time to play with all of that. Our time is money and should be respected or it won’t be given.

She pays but she is slow! I won’t work for them again. Just got paid this week for 8/2 closing.

I have worked with Lisa for 13 years. She isn’t in the office any longer because she has a real estate business. I would recommend that you email her at: . She will get back to you and get you paid.