Assignments Via Text

Why would SCs adopt an assignment method that would immediatly lose them the most qualified, experienced SAs - full time mobile notaries? At what point did “mobile notary” become synonymous with “willing to break traffic laws” or “willing to pull over constantly between assignments” to check texts?

I, being new, have experienced mostly texts, though I have gotten a few calls from one company I HOPE keeps calling back because they have such a great reputation. If I can’t do something, I tell them I am booked (which has been true so far). They will be included in my marketing calls coming up.

I don’t know whether receiving phone calls or texts is easier, because in California it’s against the law to use hand-held phones while traveling. Even with a phone call while driving, and using bluetooth, most of us may not be able to pull over and view our calendar to see if we are available. Some of us prefer not to answer texts or calls during a signing, and some signing companies prohibit it.

It’s almost like a two-edged sword.

Exactly. The busier you are, the fewer texts you can answer. This does not seem like a successful business model.


I hate them and don’t answer them. I especially hate those companies/notaries who try to send me general notary assignments via text and TELL me what I’ll be paid. I know my fees for GNW and time/travel - I prefer to set my own appointments and fees for that.

As for loan closings - there are too many variables to be considered that are never addressed in a text message - variables that can greatly affect the fee - also many details not addressed until it’s too late.

Technology is a wonderful thing…but it’s also problematic…



@judikidd and @LindaH-FL, I agree with both of you. My goal is to get as much work as possible from companies with great reputations. I have been working for one, and signed up with another, but they are both IPhone application based.

I have some excellent escrow customers, but for full time I need SC work. My two best clients differ - one calls (thank you!) and one exclusively texts. I get up at 5 am to grab the early assignments, and just do my best throughout the day.


I’ve tried snap docs texts, on the second its received and I don’t get the job. Frustrating - why bother!

I couldn’t agree more. A lot of these companies that use Snapdocs in my area know my work now, and some will call me if I don’t respond right away. If they don’t, then I work more with the people who call me. I just can’t stress over it any more. Eventually they find out that they get what they pay for.