Attending networking events for notary biz

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Just wondering what kind of tips are out there for new notaries focusing on building their small business by attending networking events.

Thank you!

I found that NOTARY networking events are a waste of time. I like to compare it to being a surfer and paddling out into a crowd of other surfers and expecting any one of them to give you a wave to yourself.

Usually the organizers of the event will invite several vendors who will sponser the meeting then try to sell you something.


@Rivera.Andrew.TheNotaryPublic Great question; however, the reply most likely will be region/location specific as are many other operation critical elements of our business industry.

In my direct experience (when initially entering into this field of business) there were many possible revenue stream development techniques that I worked. These included business luncheons, seminars, meet 'n greets, Chamber of Commerce, BBB, etc., etc., etc.

None of these activities were fruitful for my business; however, the activities were fruitful (as mentioned above) for the sponsors/organizers of those events . . .


You may ask: What should I do then?

Of course, give everything a try in your region that seems reasonable for the cost required (if you want to do so). In that way, you’ll know for certain, first-hand what is working & what doesn’t.


You might also pose: What worked for You?

  1. Create & enhance your Google Business page.
  2. Word-of-Mouth is your best spent “advertising” investment.
  3. Always carry your business cards with you. It’s amazing the opportunities that will present themselves.
  4. Apply decals or magnetic signs on your vehicle. It’s surprising how many people will reach out in a parking lot or call after having seen your car sign while you were travelling on the highway.
  5. Reach out to retirement centers, rehabilitation facilities, etc. as they usually have regular needs for notarial services.

I’m certain there are more, but will leave those for my fellow business owners on the forum to present from their region.

Always remember, it’s a proverbial marathon to build this type of business, not a sprint!

Best Wishes :tada:


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Thanks for your input, greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your input, really appreciated.

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