Attorney State (NC), Advice on how to get signings?

I am a new Certified Loan Signing Agent residing in Charlotte, NC. North Carolina is an Attorney State, does anyone from an Attorney state have advice on the best way to market/brand your business? I’m in the process of signing up for as many signing services as I possibly can…haven’t received any, yet. Just curious on strategies. Thank you all in advance!

Unless you’re a lawyer, you’re kinda dead in the water for loan signings–which is what most signing services find a notary for. Tho’ some may ask you to basically break your state’s law… Kind of wondering why you did this–knowing you’re in an attorney-only state for loan signings.


I wasn’t aware NC had gone attorney-only…I know CT did…when did NC convert?

As I understand it (if I understand it at all) NC attorneys must do the Title work, so a NSA needs to work under the (what?..guidance, authority, some sort of mash-up between notary & attorney). Without which, a notary can only be paid for the notarizations… It seems to be a quagmire of contradicting rules. As I understand it, there are ‘ways to go around’ the restrictions, but I have no personal knowledge of this. Google it and prepare to be very confused.

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This is not completely true. CT is an attorney state for real estate transactions in CT.

Notaries are allowed to complete signings that do not require title insurance. Notaries are also allowed to complete Helocs, and signings for out of state transactions without an attorney present.

Which means your business is going to be severely limited compared to that of notaries in non-attorney-only states; when I made my statement I was referring to all loans and LSA business.

And, BTW, for your future reference, please be aware that some lenders do require title insurance for their HELOCS - I know, because I’ve drawn the policies as I worked for a CT Attorney who was a Title Agent - have drawn up several title policies for HELOCS in my day. So be aware of that.


Jerika, are you a graduate from Mark Wills university?
Just curious.

Hi Jerika. I’m.a Notary in GA, which is also an Attorney state. Once I found that out, I thought the same thing “how can I make money as a Notary since GA only allows us to charge $2 per certificate”. I then came across a YouTuber, who happens to be a Mobile Notary (mileage charges, service fee to leave the house, cancelation fees, etc). She is also a Signing Agent, which cannot be advertised as such, in GA, unless you are an Attorney. You can, however, advertise as a Mobile Notary, which is synonymous to a Signing Agent (Notary=SA). This young lady teaches a course, with her partners. As long as you are not getting direct signings (no signing company involved), in GA a Notary can complete signings, but only summarizing the forms to the clients. Any questions outside of your explanation, must be answered by the Lender or Atty. GA Notaries can also do closings, but must have an Attorney present to do the legal parts. Check Kimberly (Kimmi) out of YouTube at ‘**Notary Life With Kimmi’ and ‘Notary Educators