Authorization of wire funds and indemnification

Thanks for the helps. Here one more.

The lower part is for notary to fill out, right?
Why using different terms other than notary public?
Is there any difference?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Because you’re a public officer.

And if you’re completing this don’t forget to add the CA required Disclaimer box just above the cert - hopefully you’ve had a stamp made for that.

Thanks for your help.

I talked with the nna hotline they are saying this not notary and should ask the preparer.

By the way, the closing was voided after consulting with the lender.

Thanks for the help


Well, you just had your first lesson…the NNA hotline is wrong. That is most definitely a notary acknowledgement.

If you questioned title or lender about this they probably re-assigned it to another notary

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Concur, LindaH-FL. I’ll also add that in my direct experience they’ve never responded accurately.

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