Auto Refinance Signing

I just had one come through few weeks ago and I accepted. It was less than 20 pages, 10min from me and $75. Seemed easy enough but when I reviewed the package, the instructions specifically said, “Please DO NOT fill in any information on the Title. It will be filled in by the Title Agent” and the Application for Title was blank, minus VIN number and name. It was a jurat and specifically stated, “I state that I have read and signed this application after its completion, and I swear or affirm that the statements made herein are true and correct, and that any statement made on or pursuant to this application is subject to the penalties of 18.PACS Section A2, which shall include punishment of a fine or to a term of imprisonment, or both.” I replied and said I’d happily fill in the title number etc if they can forward it but I can’t administer an oath to this signer with blanks. I was removed. LOL. Be careful with those.

or is a first time buyer and was giving a high rate. Stop assuming.

Yeah, maybe. I can assume all I want.

In these pandemic times and in the middle of Notaries doing real state signings going to oblivion, now there is a lot of sub business plans taken for desperate Notaries, maybe the ones who took the six figures dream too serious, lots of themes in this blog are irrelevant right now even the braggers who always are booked throug months ahead are going silent, now is time to ponder next steps to follow in order to cope with the situation, time to put in action plan “B” in this kind of business, blog is getting kind of boring…


Simple - no printing - they send docs to you. You will need to get 2 right thumbprints on one of their forms so you need a fingerprint ink pad. Scan back 3-4 pages

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I’ve only done an auto purchase, the documents were mailed to me, there were stickers for where to sign and notarize. It took about 20 minutes and I had another signing nearby. I got paid, no issues. I would be interested in doing more, now that the refi engine is cooling or possibly shut off.


I agree with you here. I have said in previous posts that NSA’s need to be fluent in how the mortgage industry works as it relates to the economy in order to not only be successful, but to plan and prepare for the inevitable, and that is the “popping of the bubble!” Any NSA who expected the fast ride we experienced the last few years to last forever, isn’t fluenced/experienced enough in the industry IMO, and now is the time to play “catch up.” Never use hope as a strategy, especially when your dinner table is counting on it!