Auto Refinance Signing

Hi All, I have received a requests to do an Auto Refinance. I don’t know if I will get it or want it.
Has anyone done one of these and can you provide feedback please?

Thank you,


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I guess I’d do it if I was real sure that it’s not ‘junk’ work (low fee, unreliable company).

But think about it. . . people who are refinancing their car either got an original rate that was way too high (due to poor credit, flakes, etc.) OR, they’re in real financial straits. Not the best clientele, I suspect. Just be careful.

P.S. I’m pretty conservative.


Thank you for your input. The more I think on it, I believe I will pass.
I am curious what the signing looks like for an Auto Refinance though.
I suspect we would help them through the signing process and possibly notarize the title.

These are really simple and quick! I do them all the time.


Ok. How many pages do they usually run? Do you normally just notarize the title?

Only around 12 pages. The ones I’ve completed I only collect the title I do not notarize it.


Are there certain signing services you signed up with to get auto refinances or did you go direct? This is something I want to get into but am not sure where to start.

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No special sight, it came through a signing service.

And what was the Pay for these cuties?

All within 10min of my house $60. No scans required.


So the fee is collected from the client rather then the company?

You’ve got me! I probably wouldn’t do one of these signings.

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Low $, leave to the Noobs.

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Ha Ha, I am a noob! Still didn’t take it!

They are super easy and fast!

Usually a couple POAs and a couple temporary POAs, no more than 10 to 15 pages on regular lettersize paper snd a regular ink jet printer.

If you get any offers from Maverick, they are an awesome company I can’t recommend them enough! Theresa is the sweetest person! They usually require fingerprinting and a bit more legwork on our ends then the other auto refinance I have done, but I have always had good experiences with this company and can definitely recommend them

I have always bid them at $100.00 and never have done one for less! These were my bread and butter when things were slow. Also, because they are so quick and easy you can do them on the way to other jobs and i never had to do scanbacks, you just drop them afterwards at the end of your day.

I have always been paid on time within 30 days.

As always, make sure you get a receipt when you drop anything. One auto refinance I did got lost by UPS, but luckily I had kept the receipt to show it wasnt my fault.
I love doing these signings! I hope this helps😊


Hi and I have done a few in my area!
Easy work and very quick!

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What company are you using? I would like to see what it’s all about.

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You should have taken it. Your travel expenses were low since it was so close to your home. Your printing costs would have been minimal because auto refis are very few pages. Your net profit for less than 30 minutes work would have been around $50 (I don’t consider that low money, do you?) Plus, you would now have first hand knowledge. In fact, since you’re new, I would recommend you consider all offers that are close to your home. Those are your most profitable.


You should of, its another one under you belt

I signed up with Maverick. The car loans I have done for them (about 20) are original purchases and not refinance. The docs are overnighted to you so no printing. All have been within a 20 minutes drive for me. You obtain a thumbprint on an Affidavit of Identity, which you notarize. All spots for initials and signatures are clearly marked. There are usually POA’s for title work that are also notarized. Pay has been between $75-$125. They take about 20 minutes to complete. The cars are all high end, BMW’s, Jaguar’s, Mercedes, etc……so no flakes! They ask you scan back the copy of ID and AOI and the provided Notary Checklist. Pay in 30 days or sooner. Easy peasy. They have an app (MavSign). Nice people to work with. I would recommend them!