Background Screening


What if you do not pass the background screening due to traffic violations?

  1. Are you still able to sign if you have passed the exam?
  2. Will lenders accept your actual background to assure them it is JUST traffic violations?
  3. Some of the violations were improperly stated… Can I use another agency besides the NNA?
  4. Will lenders allow you to sign without the background screening? If so, what %?
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That is an extremely great question. I believe background screening is one of the qualifications to being a Loan Signing Agent, everyone must pass one.

Thank you for your response.

After researching, I was able to determine “As a signing agent, you are able to provide your own background to lenders and still perform services however; you will not be able to market your services on the NNA website”

I will be disputing an item which was inaccurately reported and see where that takes me.

I think many, but not all, will accept Sterling background checks. Thing is, they’ll both probably turn up the traffic violations. You do not pass if you accumulate 25 points for various ‘offenses’…not all of which are traffic violations. I think you are taking the best approach available by disputing the inaccurately reported item, but I don’t think that’s going to be easy.

I certainly appreciate your input and it is not an easy process. However; anything worth having is worth fighting for. I will definitely keep everyone posted. Maybe it could possibly help someone in the future. And in my case, it was all traffic violations from my younger days (young and dumb)!