Bad companies to work for

I have had very very bad experience with Village Capital Investments LLC. AKA Notary Cloud. This company is based out of Henderson NV and they have signings in NV. AZ, NM,and CA. Their loan packages are 200 pages with way too many copies of the same docs. Then their payment is 30 + days (so they say) I have had to fight for my pay at almost 90 days out. It is ridiculous. So frustrating . After waiting almost 90 days, they get the payment wrong.


What state are you in? I used to teach lien classes in all US States and each state has different laws for collection process. My process is if I don’t receive payment in 30 days is return response on 1st email and state when may I expect payment. If no response, I create notification of lien letter which will include information for contractor, title, lender, property address, payment due amount and send to contractor. Give them a couple of weeks to respond and then email again you will be forwarding letter to title, lender etc due to nonpayment. No one wants a lien against property. I always get paid and don’t have to wait 90 days. My hard copy invoices state at the bottom “Payment not received after 30 days may be have a fee of 1.2% applied”. All legal.


I have had a bad experience with Notary Cloud also, I put them on my list of company’s not to work for.

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I had nothing but problems with them. They still owe me from last year. I finally gave up and moved on. The last call I got I was not nice and told them not to call me if they are not going to pay me what they owe. Guess what they don’t call me anymore.

I will no longer do signings for Notary Cloud. I had to wait over 2 months to get paid. Never again!

Notary Cloud is the only one who you have issues with and I have not heard good things about them. Village Capital Investments is a lender and doesn’t have anything to do with you getting paid. Payment for you goes from escrow directly to NC when escrow closes, then they pay you from there. I would send NC a “Demand Letter”, demanding payment.

I also have asked Notary Cloud to quit calling me. My issue was repeatedly having jobs cancel at the last possible minute. That cost me a lot of money by keeping my time clear on my calendar to do a job for them, and then having no job. The jobs were huge and as previously stated by someone else, many many repeats of docs in the packages, waste of my time, ink and paper!

Same here, at least 90 days out, too many pages… probably close to 300 with lots of duplicates… they are on my “do not” list

Yes I had a bad experience with them in Mar 2020. They sent me a work order and told me dox would be ready after 11:15am. The appt was at 4:30pm so I asked for an update at 2:15pm, they said “the dox will be uploaded shortly.” That “shortly” took another hour. It was finally uploaded at 3:15pm. After all was said and done, they were paying $175 for this loan package that was over 200 pages, which was fine…until I realized that there were 26 notarizations in this loan package! I ended up asking for $250, but I would have charged them $300-$350 because that is a lot of notarizations. In California, we have to document each document we’re notarizing per person in our notary journal. Don’t ask me how long I was there! I finally emailed them and told them, please don’t use the word “shortly” when it is clearly going to take more than an hour.Oh and how can I forget?! It took them almost 3 months to pay me. Never again!


You are not the only one! It took me 4 mos., many nasty letters and threats to get paid. And I told them exactly why I will NOT work with them.

Notary Cloud, Village Capital Investments LLC and Milestone Agency (title) are all owned by the same family. So yes, they all have to do with us getting paid.

Oh wow . Thank You for this information. Im a new signing agent. DC Area here.

I had a good experience with Notary cloud

TO EVERYONE: Doing some Research today. Here is a direct url link to a Notary Cafe post that identifies bad companies as per Venbooks:


EDWARD MILLER, owner of CENTRAL OHIO MOBILE NOTARY SERVICES contacted me to conduct two loan signings for him. I completed both signings and waited for payment. And waited. And waited. After MANY phone calls and emails, in addition to sending my invoices requesting payment, I still heard nothing back from him. It was only AFTER I made a comment stating the facts on social media that I received an email followed by eventually ONE payment. Still waiting on the second payment and do not expect to ever receive it. I did some investigating and discovered that Edward Miller was contracted to conduct the signings and did not have the authorization to contract it out to another Notary Public. Obviously, this is unethical business practice. As part of my pursuit of legal matters in this case, I am alerting my fellow Notaries Public of Edward Miller’s business practices. These are the facts of my experience working with him.