Bad Signing Experience! Please Advise

always bring extra set .most of my signings ask for it. I usually make a joke about how its for our mistakes we laugh,… when it happens, we laugh again, and they think I’m a genius for making the second set…lol


i have to fight for that $150 fee…too many Newbies out here thinking they will make $100k
taking anything at any price
had a purchase offered…3 hrs r/t plus ferry ride and cost ,then time w signers, and full scans
went to $140. fee… somebody took it// the SC offered it for 4 hours into the late evening
That’s a $200 job all day .
after scans u need to drop …for me 16 miles r/t at FedEx
UPS has to be by 4:30 or its too late
This was a 12 Noon Appt and they wanted docs scanned by 2 pm
which wasn’t happening,
I know there isn’t anybody closer to this job… most are further different situation out here

Yep, that’s right!! :sweat_smile:

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“one name printed one name signs…period.”
Thank you, I can remember that!

I completely agree 100% with your business practices and I mirror your practice. However, I’ve come across different kinds of errors that were not made by me and the Title Company comes back to me to get it fixed with no fee. For example, I had a Seller Closing to do and my paperwork was executed flawlessly. Two days later, I get an email saying I missed 3 pages, which was totally shocking because I go through my pages about 3 times (without paperclips) to ensure its right. When they sent me the 3 pages I supposedly missed, it was documents never included in my package. One page had to be notarized. When I went back to say they were new documents and not an error, all I received in reply that it was an error and for me to fix it. I grudgingly got it done but was left feeling like a sucker. I should have asked for an additional fee, but it didn’t appear that by their attitude and response, they weren’t going to do it. I still regret this second trip. Had I refused, they would have had to pay another Notary for those 3 pages. There comes a time when Title companies pay for their mistakes and not dump it on the Notary.

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