Banc serv app

Bancserv app what are your thoughts

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Not easy to get on board with them. they only accept experienced fidelity approved signing agents. you will have to take a little quiz to get approved. I love BancServ. I’ve been w them for 4 years.


The app seems a little tricky. I notice I need to uninstall and reinstall in order to see everything. Sometimes it’s just blank🤷🏾‍♀️


I’m on board with them it’s just getting the assignments as soon as I log on boom gone smh

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The app has been janky for several months now. I’ve written to them about it twice. Gotten response back that they are working on resolving the bugs. It is a problem with my smartphone app, not the same issues with my iPad app. Have to constantly uninstall and reinstall several times a day, otherwise orders don’t show up and/or I can’t click on notifications. Very disappointing.

I love Bancserv. I never have to harrass them for payment. They’re on top of their messages, staff is always friendly and helpful, their APP is easy to navigate and they pay decently.

If you gain a positive reputation, they reserve jobs for you and you have 3 mins to respond. So if you are a great notary, you will get a decent amount of jobs. Unfortunately, business for everyone is slow right now though.

The downside is their APP has issues sometimes. They have job offers for grabs called blast offers and they go really fast. Unless you are staring at the APP with your finger near the button ready to accept it when the notification comes, you will miss that opportunity.

They are a great company to work for. Top of my list of best companies.


I can never get a signing with them


My wife and I both got on with them at the beginning of this month and have received several notifications through the app. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to take any ( I just had ankle replacement surgery, so she is doing all the other ones.) but the app seems fine. Only thing is you have to be very quick or it gets assigned

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