Bancserv Application Process

I read comments from several notaries that Bancserv is a great company for sign for. I went to their site to enter an application. Their application is only open on the 1st of the month, and you’re required to take a 30-minute test as part of the application.

If you’ve been through their application process, could you tell me a little about it? What is their test like? Is like the NNA exam, or is it more difficult? Do you have any tips that might help my application be accepted?


I completed an application with Bancserv and was accepted almost two years ago. Honestly, I don’t remember the test as being difficult. If I recall correctly, the questions dealt with mortgage docs, ethics and notarial acts. You also have to do a one-way interview and submit it. The interview, to me, was like any interview you may have for any position you’re seeking.


@earnestine_johnson Thank you for your response. Do you happen to remember anything about your one-way interview with them?

Only that Bancserv gives you the instructions on how to do it. You have to use your computer’s mic and camera to record your answers to the questions posed. When you’re done, there is a link to upload it to Bancserv.

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I don’t remember taking a test because it’s been so long, but I love BancServ. They pay 2x a month direct deposit and it’s like clockwork. They have never been late. :smile:


Thank you for this info as I am a new signing agent and was thinking about signing up for this platform, but was taken back by having to take a test as I have not come across that from other platforms. :blush:

I’m signed up with Bancserv also. It takes time to get in with them because you can only sign up on the 1st day of the month between 12pm-3pm PST. The test isn’t that difficult, but you must know standard Real Estate Loan docs, notarial acts, and notarial ethics. You must score at least 75% on the test. Once you do, then you have to wait a few days for the invitation to login to upload your credentials. Then you have to wait a few days or weeks for the invitation to do the one way video where you have 1 minute or so per question to answer some basic questions. I have found other sites that also test your knowledge before they’ll let you in.