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I signed up for Bancserv today and passed their test & general experience questionnaire. If there were too many notaries in my area, would they have declined my signup request prior to sending out login information & notary credentials request to me or do denials get sent out after you complete the full application? If there were too many notaries in my area they already work with, I’m not sure they would have allowed me to get this far in their application process.

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@kris8504 If that was the sole criteria utilized when a business entity searches for professional, certified, & experienced Professional Signing Agents [PSAs], that would definitively address your query; however, it’s not the only element that contributes to the rationale for their search/addition to their database of available, qualified PSAs . . .

That business entity is well-known for several components that create scenarios that are unwelcoming to the majority of professional PSAs nationwide:

  • Extremely low Fees regardless of time & travel requirements with no Fee adjustments allowed
  • Expectations of scan/faxback for FREE
  • Extra-large document packages with no Fee adjustments allowed
  • Etc.


NOTE: It would be in your best interest to jot down all of the expenses associated with performing the services you provide within your service region to determine a baseline operating cost. Then, at that point, you can calculate the fees that will generate a net profit to determine if you’ll have a Profit or sustain a Loss at that rate.

Need guidance with your calculations? Reference this thread:


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I signed up with Bancserv and was accepted a LONG time ago, I’m sure it was at least a year. They finally called me last week for the first time, $110, very easy to work with.

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Disagree with you, cNsa5.

I love working with Bancserv. I gave them my fees when I signed up with them. They automatically add my scanback fee to my orders. If package is large, I contact them and we usually agree to an increase in fee. They pay twice a month by direct deposit (if authorized).

As to package size, that all depends on title company and lender … not Bancserv.


No need to post to me specifically about a “disagreement.” Just post YOUR direct experience. :tada:

It’s simply a matter of the difference in direct experiences, which as we ALL know prices & the volume of competitors varies from region-to-region across the US. :grin:


I used to do many signings with BancServ but I think my fees are too high since they rarely call. That being said, to ME, the best thing about BancServ is Abenity and the discounts for UPS and FedEx. And Verizon. Saved thousand$ over the many years in my shipping fees for apostilles and other general work jobs.

I have done work for them…fair fees and prompt payments
Submit your app.
Fees based on distance and size of package …scan backs extra

I have been working with Bancserv for a number of years. They pay twice a month and have above average fees compared to other SS. I have had more luck with the app on my phone than waiting for a phone call. Now I I receive a call it is usually because there are no available notaries. Those assignments usually have special circumstances like very far, etc. You can negotiate for travel, multiple signers or large doc set.

I had a problem before when the note to ship the same day was missed on the signing confirmation. The Client was very upset that the documents didn’t arrive the next day. Bancserv offered to forgo their fee and asked me if I would too. It wasn’t my error, but I felt it would be better to take the one loss than lose an entire relationship. I was nervous until the next signing order popped up.
Most of the Bancserv orders do not require a scan which also means you can save money by shipping on the way back from the assignment. The fees for assignments with scans are automatically adjusted so it saves having to ask for an increase when they do roll around.