Bancserv fees

So I run across these fees for Bancserv. Is this what Bancserv use to pay?


What do they pay now?

$75 - 150. It depends, I have negotiated $200 - $250.


From my experience, they go by your rates that you submitted and can negotiate etc. Sometimes, they send out these blast off thingy which is usually $100-$175 from what I’ve seen. I think I’m on their block list for a while because I’ve been giving back orders about 99% of the time! Yikes:( Don’t know how people can handle having so many companies on the list to work with, too much to keep track. It really doesn’t matter because I am mostly booked anyway but I do hope that I still have the opportunity to work with them. They are one of my favorite companies to work with. Always pay on time and quick.

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In my experience, they are great negotiators, so I don’t know much about “their fee’s.” The only thing I can think of is there may be low inventory of Notaries in my area certified through them. I always get $200+ with them regardless of transaction (perfect example of “area specific here”). HINT: If they are calling you as opposed to pushing through an APP, they are desperate (usually short notice and/or desperate).


This is highly regional. My area is over saturated with NSAs trying to make a fast buck. This is driven down fee offerings.


@FM61095 The “FNF Schedule of Fees” is just what it’s identified as . . . the baseline fees that BancServ (subsidiary of FNF) charges THEIR clients (usually Title Companies) for these services. Hope this helps!