Bancserv Settings

Does anyone know how to change your coverage area with Bancserv? I get so many notifications from them, but many times they are over 40 miles one way.

Also do they have a vacation/away setting?

Would be nice to turn off notifications when on vacation.

I have checked the app and on the website, and didn’t see anything.

Thank you.

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I have a similar issue with The Closing Exchange. I called them to ask about it, and they said a 50-mile radius is their default, and it can’t be changed. Maybe similar for Bancserv?

In any case, 80%+ of the offers I get from TCX are too far away. I either ignore them or decline.

That said they are currently my number one source of signing service signings, and they have a good, helpful support team - and they often accept reasonable counters.

And so I put up with that 50 mile radius issue without worrying about it too much, and I just keep my eye out for orders that are close enough to me.

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You have to call. I experienced this last month when I was trying to go on vacation

Just wondering how does choice pay? echeck or hard check?