Batch scanning software... is there anything better than VueScan?

I’ve been mostly happily using VueScan software with my HP scanner for my loan signings. It usually does a very good job scanning large stacks of documents and it produces very nice small file sizes. My HP scanner software produced a 40MB file with a recent test, That was for 300 dpi b&w text. VueScan produced a 15MB file size with the same batch of documents set the same way… 300 dpi b&w text.

But I’m not entirely happy with it. I sometimes notice a setting or two has changed which screws up the rest of that batch’s scan. Then sometimes it has a scan to file name issue that I haven’t figured out yet which stops me dead in my tracks until I’m able to get it working again.

I’m nearly ready to upgrade VueScan from Standard to Professional for $50 to get its anti-skew feature that automatically straightens document scans that skewed a bit in my scanner. But before I do that, is there a better software for batch scanning my mortgage docs that are sometime 180 pages? Whatever might be recommended at least has to be as good at compressing file sizes as VueScan is. Thanks in advance.

Understand this…I’m no techy, but I use the HP multi-function’s scan as a pdf @ 200 dpi and the largest pkg. I still have in my pc is 156 pages and only 6.29 MB.

Mortgage industry standards dictate 300 dpi as the recommended resolution for text document scanning. I have an HP 8720 MFS and if I scan that many pages at 300 dpi it consistently produces files well in excess of 20MB. My present 8720 is my fourth HP MFS and all produced unacceptably huge file sizes using their highest possible compression levels when scanned at 300 dpi b&w. I can’t recommend nor would I scan anything at 200 dpi as a document scanning resolution to be sent to a mortgage company, that produces unacceptable results for the client if they need to use OCR or wish to print out the documents they receive if scanned at 200 dpi.

I use a fee scanner software called Not Another PDF Scanner 2 (NAP2) software. Works everytime. Link

I set the resolution to 150 DPI & Bit depth Black & White. My scan have never been rejected by any title company or signing company. And the MB is always less then 15mb.

I use a HP work horse the N6010 sheetfeed scanner. I owned 3 them. I will never buy a Multi scanner/printer, because their very cheap quality and scan much slower than my scanner.

Thank you Anaheim Notary. NAP2 is the other PDF scanner software I was thinking of. How well does it handle mixed sizes, like when letter and legal size documents are mixed together? That’s my main issue with VueScan, it doesn’t do a good job when the sizes are mixed. It has an “automatic” paper size setting but that just seems to scan everything at 8 1/2x14. You’re right my HP MFS is slower than I like but so far it has been bulletproof on scans… never a double feed, missed feed, etc. But when it goes I’ll go with a dedicated scanner. Thanks for your response.

I have a HP m1319f MFP, it works fine as a printer, but it is a dog for scanning.

So I bought a Fujitsu Scan Snap on ebay, it comes with its own software and it is a rocket super fast.

If your printer has it’s own scan to pdf functionality built in just use that. The size problem is simply due to the PDF not being flattened or optimized.

All docs are scanned at the highest resolution possible in my office. If I need a smaller file I simply use a PDF editor to compress the file to something more manageable.

I own Acrobat Pro so it’s just a couple of clicks to reduce a 60MB pdf down to 12-15 MB.

There are other options that cost far less than Acrobat to get things done.

I use Dropbox scan to pdf file in combination with Efax from my phone works just fine. Scan them and fax them from FedEx Office and then ship package

Do I need to purchase adobe pro to shrink my docs. One signing company only accepts 30 mb files so I have had to program my scanner to break the files into multiple 30 page documents. Anyone have this issue and what do you suggest?

The key to small scanned file sizes is the right scanner. My previous HP scanner produced monster file sizes that were too large to submit. Even when scanning at lower resolution like 200 dpi B&W.

I converted to an Epson ES-500 scanner and even at 300 dpi it produces amazingly small file sizes with beautiful quality. Flawless scans of mixed size document sets too… I use the free version of Adobe Reader which is perfect for me.

Oh please don’t say your scanning from fedex equipment. I could’ve read your response wrong. Are you stating your doing everything from your phone while your at fedex and then dropping the docs?


Each Notary Public/Professional Signing Agent [NP/PSA] is responsible from start-to-finish for the protection (paper, digital, etc.) of the borrowers [BOs] data.

Utilizing your OWN equipment within your office to scan back the docs is OPTIMUM; that is, if you’ve efficiently & effectively procured safety & security on your local equipment.


NOTE: Scanning in the BOs docs via an APP exposes the NP/PSA’s business to potential fraud/data mining of the BOs data when trusting a 3rd party APP.

The same holds true for utilizing a scanner within Fed/Ex, UPS, Kinkos, QuikPrint, etc. The technology available today housed within printers/scanners/MFCs contain memory databanks that retain the copied/scanned pages.


Beware & Be Aware at all times.


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I have used Adobe Acrobat and never had a problem with file size. Even for Reverse mortgages

I am looking for a fast scanner now that I am not going to keep leasing. So HP8720 and HP workhorse N6010 are the only ones listed that are fast. Any other experiences you can share?

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