Be Proud to be who you are

In case that don’t know you are a Professional Notary and you accept all the responsibility to be a Notary. So, why do you allow those low offer for less than $100 and even less than $50, where is your profit? Travel, Car Maintenance, Office Supplies, Taxes and at the top in most case you have to wait over 30 days to get compensated. I read various articles in this site that some Notary has been accepted signing for low offers and travel over 100 miles, 2 hours travels. This is completed unacceptable and don’t call yourself a Professional Notary.


Susex is it out of the realm of possability that some notaries just need a reason to get out of the house for a couple of hours. For them the fact that they are getting paid is just iceing on the cake. Signing services prize those individuals above all those others who quit their real jobs to make the elusive six figures.