Beginner needs some advice

Hi Forum, I’m new to signing do we go through any training before we conduct a first signing?

It is not required by law, but many companies do require that you have a “Signing Agent Certification.” The most popular / widely used, recognized amd accepted is through the National Notary Association.


Signing Agent Certification…everyone asks me for my cert.

I went through the National Notary Association Signing Agent Certification Course. It was very informative for all levels of notaries.

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Just one quick note - we can’t tell what state you’re in so I would suggest that before you spend your money, make sure you’re not in an attorney-only or restricted state - make sure that, as a notary, you are allowed to conduct loan signings.

Good luck to you.

Good Morning and Welcome! Yes I would suggest you get training. You will receive a certificate after completion. Every company I have worked for asks for that certificate. I would recommend going thru the NNA or National Notary Association. I received study materials to keep for future use and was able to utilize online videos. I took the test online and received the certificate the same day. Good luck to you!

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I don’t think NNA provides certification certificates anymore. They just show that you have passed the exam on their website.

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Notary 2 Pro is highly valued by many signing services. Carol and Barbara are the contacts.

I have noticed that a lot of more experienced notaries are against the whole certification process but I feel it was absolutely necessary because it taught me a lot. If you have no experience, then it is a must because there is nobody out there to train you or help you, unless you find a good mentor in your area, which is hard because they will probably see you as competition.

I did the certification exam through the NSA and it has been asked for several times as I have been signing up to new companies.


Training is a must you cannot begin without knowing the laws governing what you do. Lets say you are hired to do a Heloc refinance (cash back) do you know what the law says about where you can close a deal ?
Get the book “Law Primer” for Notarres

Adding this as a licensed title agent/abstractor/signing agent. Make sure when doing a purchase you know the witness requirements of the state you are doing the transaction for. I do Florida as well as sellers who have moved out of their state, and the laws can be different. Just had signing last week where I told them the deed was wrong and needed to be redrawn due to lack of witness signature lines.