Best Approach to Working With LOs Directly?

Hey All,

First, thank you for all of the very useful information on these forums! I’ve been doing loan signings since September and am feeling very comfortable with the process.

This morning, someone posted on our local FB page asking about the best companies to go through for refinancing. I was surprised at the number of LOs in our area (small town in WNC). I am wondering what is the best way to reach out to them about working for them directly. There are not many notaries around (notaries regularly travel from larger city about an hour away). It seems that I could be getting more assignments for higher fees by working direct rather than going through signing agencies.

So, what is the best approach? Call? Email? Stop by? What info do you provide?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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You may have hit the jackpot if it’s true “lots of LOs/notaries traveling an hour (each way?!) with larger fees”. Make up a brochure, walk it in, be prepared (tho’ not insistent) for a sitdown with them to 'show you are personable, knowledgable. Be prepared to explain to them ‘why they should use you’. (As you are local, you can probably come in ‘not much cheaper’ than someone an hour away–do the math for them._ In most, but by no means all, cases, the LO can pick the notary…or, at least, suggest. Best foot forward, smile/make friends & keep 'em happy. After they’ve given you some signings, be sure to thank them. After a goodly bunch, bring donuts with your ‘thank you’ visit.

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Agreed with @Arichter you definitely hit the jackpot in your area, with more escrow companies than signing agents. Good luck and make the best of it :+1:

How did you come to know that there are not many notaries in your area?

I checked with the bigger directories - only 2 other LSAs in my county. There are more in the adjacent counties. This area is a little weird in that 80% of the county is either state or national park so really low population compared to the the size.