Best Method for Sorting/Printing on a Single Tray Printer

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I’m new here, clearly. Haha. I have 2 loan signing appointments tomorrow and I have a little anxiety about printing the packages. I have a Brother MFC-2710DW printer but I’m still trying to figure out the best method of printing a mixed package with legal and letter paper.

Does anyone have a single tray printing method that works for them?

I know I can just take it page by page- but, lets be real, the first set of docs is 136 pages and I just received them for the 9am appt tmw.


I don’t want a quick method I just want some organizational insight so I don’t go to bed wondering why I chose to be a notary lol.

Yes! Go to notary rotary page separator on their website and you will be able to upload your saved PDF file. It’ll separate all your letter and legal pages. Easiest way I use to do it before my dual tray. You will need to change out your paper size from letter to legal.


You’re the best!!! It took me an hour and a half(with my kids waking up to spite me) just to print the first packet. I have yet to even look at the second packet lol. I literally just made a basic chart and went through every page and printed based on that.

Thank you so much!

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Do you need to register at Notary Rotary to use the service ? Is it free ? Are you concerned about having the confidential information at a 3rd party site ?

Until I got a dual tray, I downloaded page separator software. I’d used the Notary Rotary separator but was concerned about the security


Thank you for your insight.

Thank you! Looking into it now. Notary Rotary was extremely helpful in a pinch, but I did think about the security and possibly downloading something. Thanks!

I did not need to register. The link she sent me worked wonderfully. The documents submit anonymously, however it does warn you about uploading sensitive information.

I think $49 for page separator is outlandish! I just open the pdf, look to see the letter and print those and then go back and print the legal. And all that is “free” !

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The best solution is to get a 2 TRAY printer. The sooner you do that the sooner you will be liberated from the tedious and unnecessary chore of separating docs. If you are going professional then you need professional tools. A single tray is not a professional tool. Bite the bullet and go online and get a printer. How much will it cost? About 3-4 signings! I have mine for 5 years and thousands of signings. I realized after my first 3 signings that manual paper separating (and re-combining)
was pure drudgery and I could not continue that way. You will do cartwheels when you get your new printer. By the way is your printer a laser? Good luck.


I have a Brother MFC-L5850DW with a single tray paper holder. I bought the Page Separator software for $49.99 a couple of years ago and it works perfectly. I’m including the link here:

I only learned about this software when I took the Notary2Pro course which was five star excellent. You transfer the .pdf file into the Page Separator on your deskto screen, and it separates legal from letter. It also gives you the stacking report, which once you have printed the two batches of docs (legal and letter) you ten go back and restack it. Sounds like a lot of trouble but it only takes me about 5 minutes to restack and I’m good to go. I simply cannot rave enough about this software. My printer was around $350 and it is a true workhorse.

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Or you can print it all on legal. I’ve never had a company complain about that. Most say that you can do that, or at least, the companies I’ve worked for have said that. The paper is a little more expensive, but to me it’s worth it for the time it takes to do otherwise if you don’t have a dual tray printer.

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Dual-tray is definitely the best solution, but if you already have a single-tray laser and have more time than closings, here’s another method… if you’re looking at your docs in Adobe Acrobat… when you click Print, it will show you a small preview of the doc to the right of the Print window. Right above that it says the size of the page. Just click through the pages of the doc (using the little arrows beneath the preview image) paying attention to the size of each page and in a Notepad/Word text file (or similar) type down which pages are letter and which are legal sized. It sounds tedious, but takes me about 1 minute per 100 pages. You will end up typing something like this:

1-48,51-65,72-90, 96-115

Then, in that same print configuration window it asks you which pages you want to print. Set it to “Custom range” and cut and paste that list you just typed as above. Set your paper size to letter and cut and paste that whole “letter” list as the range (commas, dashes and all). The dashes tell it to print everything in between (so from page 1 to 48) then the comma “skips” it to the next range and so on. You can set it to print two copies (one for the borrower), but make sure you tell it to collate them.

You then do the same thing with legal paper, and bam, all sizes and copies done with just two print jobs. Use the same little page range numbers above to guide you as to where the pages go so that you can keep them in order if you prefer.

Like I said, it sounds convoluted, but it’s really really simple to implement. If you’re only doing a signing here and there, this method can really work for a good while until you can buy the dual-tray with some actual profits.

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Yes I did that the first time and it was agonizing to say the least. But it was accurate!

:100: :+1: page separator might be a quick solution for the moment, but so much time consuming. What you said is correct, you pay for a dual tray in a couple of signings

I agree but there is a way if you bought the Brother 6200 you can buy an extra tray for it. The trouble is there are not many 2 tray printers out there and the Brother LT5500 is out of stock in the USA yet I did say the USA darnedest thing I have ever seen but no one has them the few that were left they wanted 600.00 for

I have been printing all on legal and no complaints. Getting paid. Almost impossible to buy a brother 2 tray printer at a reasonable price. Not much is being shipped out of China and Amazon and most others have doubled the price. Everything else is on back order and I am on their waitlists. I do alert the company of the legal printing before. There are so few notaries in my area, they seem to be happy just to get me to do the job. However as soon as one becomes available, I will buy it.

Look on Ebay there are new ones but refurbished ones a lot cheaper