Best Mobile mileage application for phone

Ant advice on the bext Notary Mileage App?

I use Everlance for all my milege record keeping.

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I use an android phone. I was doing food delivery in central Florida. I tried out Hurdlr, Stride, Gridwise, Everlance, Triplog, and MilesIQ. All have free versions.

I used all at the same time to compare and see which recorded the most miles. Hurdlr and Stride recorded the most miles giving me the most miles to write off on my taxes. :wink: The others recorded almost 200 miles less for some reason.
Most/all have paid versions for more features like expense tracking and/or income tracking scan reciepts etc. I deleted MilesIQ because the free version is limited to 40 trips/month.

If you find others I left out let me know.

Of coarse you may use Waze/Google Maps for navigation but give Sygic a try it is my preferred one for navigation. I like Waze for alerting me of cops and slowdowns but it has taken me on private property and called it a public street!

Cheers, Brian

Mile IQ, swipe left or right for personal or business, get monthly and annual reports emailed for yourself or your CPA.

I would recommend “DriversNote” App. It tracks your trips and you can generate a report every month or quarterly or yearly for auditing and tax purposes. For me it is perfect