Best printer for 2021 and 2022

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I am new to this and also have the opportunity to have my training, printer and a few other things paid for by a work help organization. I need to send them the exact information of what I want and need, including the printer with pricing.

I have searched the forum for best printers and done an extensive on line search with many sites. The problem is a lot of the suggestions are to older printers that are not easily found anymore. Or older posts that are not relevant anymore. Brother RHLL6200DW, HL-L6200DWT and many others who have been a work horse for some for years are not easy to find. Some of the suggested printers on pages for notaries are single tray, compact or something that doens’t seem as functional.

I am pretty sure I want a Brother or HP, laser printer, monochrome and dual tray. I’d love to hear about one of the newer model that has worked out for others. Again I’ve spent hours looking at different resources and still am not sure what is the best one to purchase.
If you have recently bought a printer and love it I’d love to hear about it!

I am curious if LSAs’ that don’t own a printer yet maybe should wait and see what happens when RON goes live in 2022. I am wondering if the type of printer that will be needed may go down in price because we won’t need such a fancy printer since we won’t be printing nearly the volume anymore? I am new to being a LSA a few months back. With that being said I will be looking for the experienced to help lead the way in that aspect. Thanks in advance

That is something to consider.

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I read about a lot of printers on this site and made a list of the top 10 as listed by contributors. Brother 5200DWT came out on top by my reckoning. I couldn’t find one in the entire USA for about two months and then, suddenly, I found a brand new one for $400 and I bought it immediately. Two trays, likes the Adobe print separator program, prints very fast, no jams, easy to set up and use and I LOVE it. I print in less than half the time my old printer took. It doesn’t copy or scan but I have other older equipment for that. I heartily endorse the Brother and would buy another in a New York minute. It changed my notary life :wink:

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This seems to one of the most recommended printers but I have had the same issue finding it. I am worried it’s going to be obsolete sooner than later but I guess as long as they still make the inks for them it doens’t matter?
I’d also like to buy a warranty with a new printer if possible.

I don’t think it will be obsolete, even if RON is introduced. It’s a heck of a printer, though. Try or Welcome to This second source is where I found mine. They will have some later this week, it looks like. Good luck!

Not obsolete because they won’t be needed. More like they will have newer models that might work better coming out soon. Wondering how long they can be serviced for if they stop making this model. My hope is to have it for years to come and be easy to service and fix if needed.

For official uses, printer requirements are quite different. I found this while surfing