Best printer paper


Can anybody recommend the best brand of printer paper for loan docs…And what brands should I stay away from.

Thank you

Answer seems to be printer-specific. I run HPs and they seem to take any kind of paper I throw at them in stride. Tho’ I’ve heard others complain about this or that brand jamming or curling, it’s never been a problem. I’m more inclined to believe it’s more a question of how/where you store the paper. It has to stay DRY as paper really sucks up moisture in a humid environment.


Personal preference:

I like Hammermill - so did my printers

Avoid Boise Cascade (sold at Office Depot/Office Max) - paper curls every time - horrible paper; I ordered two cases on sale one time and made them come take it back and reimburse me - what a nightmare.


I like Walmart’s Pen Gear for legal. It’s under $7/500 pages. For letter size, I try to stock up when there is a good price. Hammermill has been good. I have gotten some AmazonBasics that I haven’t liked - I ended up with some double-fed pages, or partially double-fed with printed half and half…not worth the trouble, but maybe a bad batch?


I had good luck with Sam’s Club brand paper also - it’s $62.90 for a 10-ream case right now…so a few pennies saves; price has gone up about $10-$12 since I last bought legal size paper.

Staples brand True Red (LETTER)

I like to buy the Color Multipurpose as the paper has a 96 brightness, this allows for better black and white contrast. The paper works well in my laser HP and my Inkjet Epson.

Every month the letter size case of 10 reams is on sale for $30. I sign up for Staples rewards program and get a $20-$25 off a $100 coupon and use it mostly for paper. Then I use my rewards that I receive for recycling ink cartridges additional savings. In the end WITH tax I spend $24 on a case of 10 reams.
That $2.40 a ream.

Xerox Vitality (LEGAL)

Bright, doesn’t jam and it ends up being $6 a ream after shipping and tax.

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Same here! I use an HP4730 and it never jams. I purchase a case of letter size paper a week and legal size every two weeks. Most of the time Walmart has paper for less $ than officeDepot or anywhere else in town.

I’m using RICOH, double tray, letter and legal size, for years. Toner is not expensive and last, and never had a problem.

I am using Brother Laser Printer HL- L6200DW. Very reliable

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I found that it was my printer causing problems when it gets hot, It creases the paper. Using a different printer I can use any paper