Best printers?

What type of printer do you all find works best for your loan signings?

An older dual tray, laser, not multifunction one with low page count & high PPM & duty cycle over what you think you need that you find on eBay for a much lower than new price. Brothers & HP are preferred. Just make sure it works with whatever software you’re using.

Not sure what your budget is but I just got a Brother HL-L5200DW for close to $400. Dual Tray B&W laser from Amazon

The early 2000s, we didn’t have to print docs. The loan package was sent to the signer and they hired the notary. Then the title companies figured out they could fax a loan package to a notary as long as that notary had plain paper fax. So I invested in a $1700 fax printer an Efax account and just like that, I was getting 3 to 4 loan signings a day. That’s where the “fax backs” term originated. Don’t try it now or you will freak out the signing service.

Remember the alternative to printing docs on a fax—waiting forever for the (misnamed) Swiftview bird? And Rakis viewer? On dial-up internet?

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