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I have 2 stamps and always keep them loaded up with ink. They are getting old, and I feel like I can’t trust them to produce a crisp clean seal. One of my stamps was folding over on the edge. I had to take it apart and reglue the edges. There are times I literally hold my breath and hope the seal turns out. I have searched best stamp on this forum and found great advise on where to get a stamp but not a brand name.
Time to get a new one, please tell me your FAVORITE BRAND of stamp:

A completed notarial certificate should be considered the notary’s Rembrandt, a timeless classic document. The notary stamp I recommend is a Brother 1850 or 2260. The seal gives you a clean laser like print.

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@northwestnotaryinc Great Question! :crown::owl:

Over the years I’ve purchased & utilized a variety of stamp brands & types; some oil-based inks, some water-based, etc.

The following are ALL reliable, crisp, clean impression stamps that I’ve utilized for my Notarial Stamp:

  • Trodat Professional 5204
  • XStamper
  • Brother
  • Titan

My current Notarial Stamp (and my FAVORITE overall) is the Trodat Professional 5204, while it’s a bit larger than most, it truly renders a Professional impression each & every time.

NOTE: Also, I do still utilize the other brands listed above for additional stamp purposes; i.e., Name, Commission Expiration, Jurat, Acknowledgement, etc.


Thank you very much!!!

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I always have at least 2 stamps.
Trodat brand. Our commission is 4 years here. So they usually hold up until the end.

There’s no way you wore out one stamp in 4 years. Not only that you have two stamps and you’re not using them both at the same time. So you should be able to make it 8 years but your notary certificate is only good for four.
And when you say wore out I’m assuming you’re talking about the rubber imprint, if it’s the pad that it makes contact with you can just buy replacement pads.

Thank you, I’m on it, going to order one. I think my stamps are poor quality.

I think i may have poor quality stamps; right bottom corner is often light. Time to upgrade

Thank you!! I will look into the Brother Stamps

I don’t have a preferred brand, but I do have a preferred supplier - American Association of Notaries (AAN). They have excellent customer service.

A few other points:

  1. If your stamp is mechanically sound, you can replace just the text/name plate. How to replace your stamp text plate Change text plates
  2. Using the wrong ink for your stamp can shorten its lifespan - Differences Between Self-Inking and Pre-Inked Stamps Differences Between Self-Inking and Pre-Inked Stamps - YouTube.

Great video, I’m partial to the pre-ink stamp. It gives a crisp impression and fits in my pants pocket.

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I was using one of the plastic mechanical wonders that fell apart during a closing. I did have the insight to pickup a back up stamp that was a smaller pocket style that had only two moving parts. I now have the packet version and the old style wood handle stamp, no moving parts, and separate ink pad. It’s not as neat an clean, but I no longer have to worry about break downs.

The concept of a backup stamp came from my days in Law Enforcement.

Schwaab,inc. in Milwaukee wisconsin
Makes a fabulous stamp
Self ink or manual
Lasts for years

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