Best Websites to become a notary in Texas

Hello, There are so many notary websites and i want o make sure i use a good one to start my journey. Looking for one that has “packages” that will provide the stamp, journal and insurance (if possible). Thank you for your help!

I joined the National Notary Association. They have a package for application, bonding, E&O insurance, journal Texas preamble, and NNA membership.

Technically you don’t need a website business for you to be a notary in Texas. If you to the the Texas secretary of state they will let you know what is needed, and the application is there also. Once you are commissioned you can get your journal and stamp through Amazon if you wanted.

I would not advise going through the Secretary of State and figuring it out on your own. I would use the National Notary Association again, ready lots and lots of posts on Notary Cafe, watch the videos on the Secretary of state website. Then to become a loan signing agent sign up for one of the classes.

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Hi! I am waiting for my commission to come in. I enrolled through the National Notary Association to become a notary public first. The package comes with everything that you need. My 2nd step is to become a loan signing agent, which is another package that you can choose from the same website. That is an addition to becoming a notary public and being commissioned.

At this time I am looking at several training programs, one of which is the Loan Signing System by Mark Wills. I can tell you I have looked at 90% of the Youtube videos, which are great because I am learning. I am also reaching out to people in the real estate field to see how they feel about the trainings and how they feel about the LSA field. I hope this helps in some way. I’m a newbie, but I would be interested in what you have learned since this shows your question from January.