Beware Fake Police Phone Scam Targeting Notaries

I had this happen. It scared me to death because he said it was due to a notary error. When I asked for more information he said he couldn’t tell me more because it involved a minor. I know you cannot notarize a minors signature so I pressed for more details and then he said it was an illegal notarization I did that was for a minors signature. Had he not said that I’m not sure where it would have gone. Call came from a local police department and he gave me a real policemans name and had a case number. It was very frightening.

I am so sorry you went through that horrible frightening experience. Some notaries lost thousands of dollars:( I only answer the calls coming in from a couple title companies that I’m working with, and the people I know. Anything strange I don’t pick up at all! Plus my phone will detect and block potential spam calls. Thanks to my husband.