BEWARE: Live notaries, llc

BEWARE of Live Notaries, LLC. They send signing requests from 844-327-6658. They “appear” to be legimate, as they send Independent Contractor Agreement, and Payment Form via DocuSign. However, after 3 months of emails, calls, additional proof of signing completion, I was paid. HOWEVER, they paid via PayPay, and I was charged the fee. AND, the payment was placed “On Hold” because PayPal is waiting for confirmation of payment.

I’ve been in business 5 1/2 years, and this is the worst experience I’ve had with a signing company.

I did FINALLY get paid, and actually double. ($50), but after the hassle, I’d say it was justified.


Thanks for posting this alert. :sparkles:

This would be an instance wherein I would implement the following (as noted within a previous post):


This is the process I developed & follow:

Thanks for the warning!

Thank you for the heads up! :pray:

Thanks for the warning

Thanks for the heads up. Adding to my list

Great advice. They have—as a result of this post—FUNALLY issued payment.

They must be in bed with Transtar National title because I get run around from Transtar and Snapdocs. If there is a next time, my excuse will be the documents are in the mail…. See how they like that!

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@milesbecky1950 Becky, I’m very sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with Live Notaries. Please rest assured late payments NOT due to communication errors on the notary’s end or failing to provide the info needed for payouts are very rare. In 2021 alone we have worked with 2500+ independent notaries with less than 1% of these notaries being unsatisfied with our business. I see you were charged a fee by Paypal which is one of the faster methods of payments we provide. If your payment is still on hold, please email us at with another payment method such as CashApp, Venmo or information for an electronic check and we will make sure to cover any fees. Again, we are sorry to hear you are not satisfied with Live Notaries, please let us know if there is anything we can do to fix this issue…

You should report them to the Deadbeat Signings FB group.

Just to update. I did receive payment.

I got a text from them and accepted but the client had to reschedule, they charged her anyway even though I let them know and never responded to either me or the client. Client asked to work with me directly afterward so a win for me I suppose. Thanks for the heads up!!

They text you because they get your information from Notary rotary or other places like notary cafe. They ask if you are available, you do the work, they charge the customer and then they never pay you! Been waiting for over 2 months now. The number they text you from is always busy. They are scam artists, and a class action lawsuit should be started.

Concur :100: Percent @jsiegelhill

Concur :100: Percent @tbriscoe :clap:


FINALLY got paid today, after two months!
After this posting of course.

That’s a great idea to set as Non-payer on your phone. Thanks.