Beware New Scam

Beware this Scam - email from a Rosemary Kurt, from Lacayo Law Firm, P.A. 6505 Blue Lagoon Dr Suite 105, Miami, FL 33126.
Offered a Buyers Pkg assignment in the vast LA County area. When I responded with the a critical question for anyone living in LA County - Zipcode of assignment. Rosemary responded with NO answer to the question, but a generous $250.00 for the signing, a list of docs being provided in the Docs download file link which asked for an email and password to access the Docs. Knowing the saturation of notaries in LA County, I’m not going anywhere in LA County without verification. Return email address was a hotmail acct. Suspicious, as there was no phone# listed in her email signature and searching and further calling said Locayo Law Firm verified that this was a Scam.
Sad, but true.
Linda G


(CA) Yeah, I got two of those “Rosemary” requests for notary emails already. Total scam-a-russki.

Yes, I got one also. Please beware of scams.

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