BEWARE Northstar notary!

Signing was on January 10.
No payment. Do not take jabs from them!

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I have done MANY jobs for Ken.

He normally pays around day 60 but he has always paid me!

Today 65 days
I spoke with the LO and they cash check on February 2
Spoke with someone from northstar and NO check
I am no longer taking job from signing agency
But did one time mistake
How you paying your bills if you villing to give them 60 days?

I have been completing orders for Northstar since June? of last year.

They always pay me but! I am willing to take jobs that pay 60-90 days.

I have several companies that do net 60 and 90 and they always pay.

Personal preference, but also, my source of income is extra vacation/play money. I would have never applied with signing companies if I depended on this source of income to actually pay bills.
There are toooooo many non paying companies out there to rely on signing agencies. Several companies are filing bankruptcy as I type this.

If you want steady, reliable work that pays Net 30, the local title companies are your best bet.

Have a great weekend.

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Payment should not take 60 days when closing is done upon request and wires take 3-4 to clear.

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I stopped working for them. It got over 90 days and I blocked them and told them not to call me ever again.

Also they were trying to pay only $85 when WFG is paying $90 on SnapDocs and paying less than Net30.

Bye bye NorthStar.

Thank you for the heads up!

September 2021 and it looks like this is still an issue. I took a signing a few weeks ago and I am currently in the same boat.

Thanks for the heads up about this pattern. A red flag too he didn’t put his name in the confirmation email. He sent a seller package unsecured in an email with a few sentences. He also offered $85 for a 27 page seller package, quite abnormal for him. In this economy it’s a real gamble to accept these. I’ll let a newbie take the chance.

Look for overpayment as a lure tactic, over simplified email confirmations, no contact name in email.

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