Beware of Notaries Express Non-Payment

Beware of bad business debt!!!
I have loved working for this company in the past, the staff is great, but sadly I have decided to not work with them further. I have done lots of great work for them, and for the second time am not being paid for a file that did not fund. Like other people have posted, per the company’s terms, if a file doesn’t close or fund, we as notaries do not get paid for the work that we have done. I also have had to triple check each payment, and match it with invoice numbers, as I have caught accounting errors in the past and had to solicit payment for work I did that their accounting team missed!!
The first time I waited over a year to be paid, writing monthly emails inquiring as to payment status and was finally given the truthful response, that I was not be paid because escrow never released funds. I foolishly let this slide and have accepted other work since.
The most recent time was almost 4 months ago, and was scheduled twice and then wasted an hour and half of my time there. These were all
Opportunities for paying work that I gave up to give fantastic service for Notaries Express, and now am the chump for it.
Do not work for this company if you want to get paid in a timely manner, or unless you want the gamble that you might not get paid at all. This is not an ethical way to treat the people that make your money, and unfortunately you’ve lost me for future signings.