BEWARE: Speedy sign notary

SCAM!!! I got a call from “Speedy Sign Notary” today to do a debt resolution. The person who called identified himself as Adam Labreck. I saw the threads on Patrick Lebreck in other forums, and I am sure they are all in cahoots. The phone number listed on the email was (321) 415-1805. The interesting thing is the email was “”. However, the business is supposedly “Speedy Sign Notary”. The two don’t match. Also, there is only one Patrick Lebreck in the United States, and he is aged 60, and one Patrick Labreck (I looked it up) THIS SCREAMS SCAM!!! I accepted it to see the contract, and the email was as follows:
Good afternoon Beth,

Thank you for your time on our call and for your acceptance of this assignment.

Please confirm your receipt of this signing order.
Please reach out to the client and confirm the best time and write me back here with the time agreed to.
We are Speedy Sign Notary Services and we want to be there every step of the way for both you and the client.
Please write back here upon arriving at:

**Client Name: Ru… E…
*Phone Number: …

**Address: 1…

Fee agreed: $100.00

Method of Payment: E-Check

Terms of Payment: NET 30 terms

  • Please take a photo (or photocopy) front and back of the CREDIT CARD BARCLAYS & BOA MASTERCARD listed on the last page of the agreement
  • Take a photo (or photocopy) of the Client ID and the second form of ID to prove ownership of the card such as:
    • Medicare card with the SS on it
    • A copy of any tax document showing the SS and their name
    • A copy of a utility bill (must be provided monthly
    • W-2 form or 1099
    • Pension receipt

Scan back the completed package back here

Please write me back here if you have any questions.

Adam Labreck

(321) 415-1805

Speedy Sign Notary

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So, I’m not going to say whether this is legit or not because there are some “not so bright” people out there looking for our services. But I’m not sending the pic of a credit card or ANYHTING displaying a SS# to ANYONE that didn’t send it to me first! You “verify” this type of info, not provide it!


After 17 years in the business, I’m confident to say this is a scam. Too many red flags. They are taking advantage of senior citizens, and preying on them to commit fraud. Notaries have to be vigilant to these types of “assignments”…they are rampant right now.


I wouldn’t copy those items either. No Legitiment company ask for copy of CC or SSN; they should already have SSN’s on known clients.
That does sounds and looks like a scam. If it walks like a duck then it is.
Good call


This guy Adam just took me for a three hour ride. I completed the signing but it smelled bad. Such an obviously bad scam. No company name, just “Legal Department” trying to scam my signer out of $4100 off her credit card. They kept hounding me and her. They just wanted scans, no overnight or mail. I just played along. I told them I’d do it tonight. I’m going to turn this in to the Department of Justice. I can’t get the lady to pick up her phone but I’ll try again tomorrow.

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So I had to come back to this one because I had an “epiphany.” I (as a lender/TCo) wouldn’t hire the company anyway based on their name alone. Who wants “speed” at the table in this business?

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I received the same request from “Adam” this past week. I reached out to the customer before I looked at the contract to set the appointment. After a couple phone calls with the lady and a look at the contract I wrote to Adam and said I was questioning this as legitimate deal. He wrote back assuring me it was legitimate and not a scam and etc.
He assured me an associate would be available to talk to her during the signing.
My response to him was that the customer was very confused.
Then I found what you have all written on this board
I went to the appointment and found an elderly confused woman. I told her NOT to sign this or talk to these people any more. Gave her a copy of what they expected her to sign which included an authorization for them to charge $5750.00 to her credit card.
While we were talking, a lady with an accent called to discuss the signing with the customer at which time I told her this woman would not be signing and I would reporting them. Please leave this woman alone. and I hung up.
Guess what? she did not call back.
I have never in 15 years had to question the authenticity of a signing agency before so I am very disappointed.
Thank you for everyone who has contributed to this post. I learned a lot from this whole fiasco.
I will be reporting this to everyone who will listen.
Also, I gave the lady the phone number for Consumer Credit Counseling , suggesting she call them to get REAL help with credit situation. I wish all these people who seek help with debt consolidation from all these companies knew that there is free help available to them.


Please read this article!!

“Are Debt Relief Companies Legitimate?”

“Some debt relief companies provide helpful services to people facing financial difficulty. But if you’re considering using one, be sure you understand what they’ll charge you, and be wary of scammers.
Even legitimate debt relief companies, sometimes known as debt settlement companies or debt adjusting companies, generally don’t do anything you cannot do yourself for free—but they may be able to help you to get your creditors to accept part of what you owe them.”

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I recently got “hired” to do a signing where there was another large amount credit card authorization. The signer was hanging up on me. I’m glad, but feel my own reputation will be tarnished for leaving a text with my name and number. I did see a notary on a facebook group waiting to be paid for a job from them that she did conduct! I saw this after wanting to do an invoice for a print fee where they assured me that the signer was ready to sign. I will form a complaint, and put ratings up. I will not do the invoice unless I use a collection service or something, because I don’t want these scammers to get any more info from me. I was rushed that day between signings and it did not occur to me to research the Adam guy. I did see another post where the documents were very generic and I looked at them and say LD legal department as the only company name. Also, they now look like copy/pasted templates from some other PDF instead of company produced documents. This is horrible!!!

3/29/2022 yes this is scam was contacted by Adam speedy signing today in Jacksonville FL, area to go to a 85 year lady to get a copy of her crefit card and social security. Adam told lady that someone charge a thousand on her card and all she had to do is sign and send a copy of card and Adam will remove the charges for her, and yes the same lady call me with a accent, dont be fooled up with these Scammers


OK, I feel ill reading this post:( :cry: This is absolutely elder abuse! They have severe penalty for elder abuse for all 50 states.
To all the notaries out there who are getting these jobs please click on the link attached and select your state to report elder abuse.

State Resources:

If you suspect elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation, you should report these concerns to the protective services agency where the elder lives. To find the reporting number for a specific state, visit the State Resources page.


I just receive the same exact order requesting the client SS#, Copy of ID and Credit Card. They even told me to take pics of the client tax return. I felt uneasy with this request. This really sounds like a Scam. I want no parts of this. I have a reputation to think of. I declined.


I received a call from them two months ago. I printed the documents and headed to the signer the next day. Upon arriving, I was greeted by an elderly woman. She started to share with me that her husband had died of an illness, and during the time he was hospitalized she used her cards to stay afloat. She had worked the debts down from over $100k to $12k, by giving up her home and going back to work full time. She received the call from the debt resolution company and was told the program would benefit her. Since she had not received a copy of the documents beforehand, I asked her to take her time reading the documents. After examining the spreadsheet, she just about went to the roof. They had wanted to charge her $6000 to help pay off her $12k debt. I was just as furious as she was. Just so happens that Speedy Sign Notary called to confirm that I received a copy of the credit card they had planned to use to collect payment. The words that came out of her mouth were indeed shocking, but they included, “You lied to me! Don’t ever call me again!”

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Wow. These people are scam artist. What can someone do if they actually sent out these documents and notarized for this company! This is so upsetting we need to spread the word

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I received a call from Kim of Speedy Sign Notary. I told them that I would take the job but after reading all of your comments; I won’t be going through with this signing. They sent the docs and they are same as you all had described; very generic looking and lack a company name.

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I’m infuriated they are still trying this. I fell for it in February. They still owe me the trip/print fee. I have contacted my states AG and reported them as Fraud against the elderly. I only work now with companies that come thru verified Signing Companies I am affiliated with. In these economic times, we are more likely to accept anything we can get, but we need to be more careful than ever.

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Did one contract and have never been paid.

I won’t ever take part in a debt relief contract again.