Beware what you post about the companies you work with

I’ve noticed an abundance of new log postings in many places, like FB, etc where people are sharing their difficulties they’ve had with certain Signing/Title Companies. The admins of these “groups” or sites are supposed to vet the members so not to allow title companies access to our comments. That is not happening and I don’t think it is even possible.

If they are a Notary, they get in. And we all know that most title company employees are notaries also themselves. Share the posts with the company they work with. And guess what, you don’t get anymore work from them, in fact, if they are a member of SPW, you won’t get anymore work from most of those companies either.

I’m not saying, not to share. Just that if you post something don’t give the name out, and if someone you know wants to know who it is, then PM them, don’t put out there for all to see. You could be cutting your own throat.


If the problem with a co. is minor and you still want to work with them in the future then you are right. But if the problem is so bad that you would never work with them again, then there is no harm and a lot of good to be gained by naming the company. It not only helps other notaries but it also has a deterrent effect on bad behavior. Companies hate bad publicity.

The only thing you have to be careful of is to stick to the plain facts. It’s not a good idea to call them names or describe their behavior in derogatory terms. That’s because you don’t want to be sued for libel. Sticking to plain facts that you can document avoids that.


There is nothing to be scared. " NEVER FEAR THE TRUTH" & "NOTARIES, STAND YOUR GROUND "


So then WHY are you a member here or anywhere else for that matter? These sites were made for NSA’s to discuss hiring companies, to inform, educate, give kudos or warn. If not for these sites, where would we be able to go?

And if an NSA is providing an honest gripe about a non-payer for example, do you honestly think they’d work for that company again?

I have a fb group, Notary Reviews, and I do in fact, vet the members on that site, which is WHY there is not thousands of members, like some of the other FB nsa sites. Members on this site, provide real up to date ratings, gripes and praises on any hiring company they choose to work for. Its a very informative group, educational, uplifting and encouraging as well. No fear there because there’s no chastising or belittling of members unlike NotRot site, where members are often too damn scared to speak up for fear of the Golden Girl crew bashing sessions.

We are all business owners, aren’t we? We have the right to Review and Rate companies as we see fit, the good, the bad or the ugly. Some of these FB groups allow members to do just that, and imho, if owners of these low ball, non-paying companies are in fact members, GREAT, let them read how horrible they’re running their company, maybe they will may make improvements and/or fire those schedulers that are miscommunicating or outright lying to the NSAs!

Did you know that SnapDumps keeps a secret percentage on ALL registered NSAs and these are NOT readily available to the NSA? Nope not at all, and these ratings and reviews are ONLY visible to potential clients/hiring companies. They have a thumbs up/down as well.

Sites like Notary Cafe, which is my preferred NSA site, and other NSA groups on FB, are imho, vital to this business, especially because the NSAs are always the ones to get dumped on first in this industry, and we get very little respect for the valuable work we do!


Ummmmm… Who should notaries be concerned about?? Other notaries!!! If a company is going to “abuse” a notary through deceptive tactics, including not paying the notary, I want to know!!! I graciously shared my experience with Xpedient Notary who would not pay me on Facebook and received huge support from fellow notaries, and in fact, received a response from the actual business owner, Tony Dadoush, who owed me money in the thread!!! While he claimed he was going to sue me for libel, the fact was I did work for him that he did not pay me for, period! These people and these companies need to be exposed and notaries should support this industry and the integrity of our business model and expose bad business when it reveals itself. I would be willing to bet Mr. Dadoush took advantage of other notaries previous to taking advantage of me and had “that” notary posted somewhere about the experience, it would have saved me time, money and distress! The only reason these companies are still getting away with such deceptive business practices is because no one is talking about it loud enough!!!



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LOL !! That name Tony Da-Dooush … says something. Rings out like “Tony The Douche”