Biometrics/ Fingerprinting Business

As I have been working as a NSA, I have seen the demand for live scan/Biometric fingerprinting keep rising, however the prices for the live scan scanner hardware and software are above $4,000.

I have an investor who wants to buy and Lease out FBI-certified software and scanner machines to notaries for a duration of 18 months and in the end the notary chooses to buy the hardware at its value at that point or renew the lease contract.

Let me know if this is something you could be interested in. We could ask for a group discount.


Interested! How can I find out more information?

hey, thanks for your interest.
Looks like I responded to your email address and not here…
The company is in the process of acquiring the gadgets and setting up the workshop. Once they are done, they shall be reaching out to all interested notaries…you top the list

Thanks again

I would be interested in finding out more information.

Spoke to the company the other day. They are looking into launching in the beginning of the year. I will have you on the list as well. Thank you

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id love to receive some info on this as well if you wouldnt mind (:

Cost of rental charges, would be helpful.

@godspeednotary; @JohnM-FL Thank you for your interest.

The executive I had spoken to at the time, informed me that they would cost the LEASE-TO-OWN packages TENTATIVELY (these are not the final figures) as follows:
a) 18 months @ between $ 270 to $320 per month
b) 36 months @ between $150 to $175 per month

LEASE ONLY option- longer than 36 months will be around $50 per month.

All the above would have a one time administrative fee of not more than $200.

Again, these numbers have NOT yet been set on stone but I know they would give better discounts with groups.

They will also be looking into partnering with a financial institution so as to offer financing options.

Once they have firmed up the package, I will be able to post it here for those interested.

Kindly if you have any suggestions on how this could be structured better to suit your needs please feel free to share so we can have a good deal customized for notaries.

Thank you!

When this is setup, the notaries that choose to do this be listed in a database for people looking for fingerprinting services.

Thanks for the updates! I am still interested. Please let me know about the group rate, if this materializes!



Yes, it will be set up like a signing service platform with a pool of our fingerprinting agents.

Happy new year! Shall keep you posted and on the list.

Good day,

I am interested in more information as well. Thank you!


Great, will add you to the list and keep you updated.

Thank you Cindy for the email contact. Will keep you posted.

Good Morning!
Yes, I’d love to have more information on this. Had been intrigued by the Fingerprinting aspect for a while and would like to get on the “bandwagon” LOL.
Thank you!
Andrea Haley

Everyone here who has responded with interest in this deal, make sure your state allows you to do this and there are no special/additional steps to be taken. For example, I know in Florida one is required to be licensed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in order to do live scans; possibly rolled prints too.



Any idea how one becomes licensed for this gig?