Bitten by cat, backed into by teenager, and spit up on... all in one day!

Some days, I should just stay in bed. Cat bit my ankle at first signing. Leaving signing 2, teenager zooms out of the signers’ garage and plants his rear quarter panel in my front bumper. Third signing, girlfriend leans over table and her baby belchs formula all down my favorite jacket. What a day!


Yep…some days you’re the windshield and some days you’re the bug. About the only ‘good’ is that it’s rare to have 2 days in a row like that, so tomorrow will be a good day.


Had a good laugh at this. Thanks! (:

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I’ve been bitten by the cat but… praying I don’t succumb to the other issues!

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Just a note to self–Make sure you have the phone number of the client to untangle directions. GPS found an address and directed me into a 10 mile circle. When I passed the same racetrack twice and ran low on gas, I decided, SOMETHINGS WRONG. Siri finally guided me to the right address.

Yup yup yup. Google Maps can be quixotic, too, in driving directions. Really… its as if my version whimsically decides, “Hey, I need a good laugh. I’ll arbitrarily change the address she’s typed in to 1234 Main Street NORTH!”

GPS?!?!! GoogleMaps?!!!

I always use WAZE 100% up to date…even for week old new streets.

Any other maps are outdated.

With all of the road closures and new neighborhoods here in Vegas…I would get zero appointments accomplished if I used a GPS or even the GPS that’s already outdated on my 2017 car.

Save yourself time everyone!!!

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look into WAZE.

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Went to a closing, front door open, screen door closed, I knocked, a male voice said hold on then a man came to the door with only a towel wrapped at his waist held with his hand. He said come on in, I’ll be right back!

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I once was at a signing were the signer wanted to use her coffee table in the living room so I left my brand new soft leather brief case on the floor next to me and set the signed papers on the floor next to it as they were completed. Unknown to me at the time, her cat wandered in and peed directly into my new leather bag. I was furious but of course could not say anything to the signer but accept her offer to “wipe it off”. Needless to say, I had to trash that expensive brief case. Now I only use cheap ones that I replace every 2 or 3 years because they wear out.


I think Saturday topped them all.

My territory includes an area we natives refer to as “Tweeker Highway”. Got a call to meet at a coffee shop on TH - okay. Get there - it recently burned down. Signers waiting in their beat up van. Thin, bad teeth, greasy hair, glassy stares, fidgeting… uh-huh. I roll down my car window and suggest we adjourn to the major brand coffee shop two miles closer to town. They decline and say THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM IN THEIR VAN.

Uh… no.

Thankfully, this was for a signing company that calls me regularly and knows I’ll get the job done if at all possible. They backed me up.

You know, in hindsight, I think those two might have had some kind of criminal activity in mind.


Wow! When I call to verify the closing with the client, I tell them to make sure all animals are out away. It makes for an easy, clean, and non-distracting signing.

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I thought I had bad days!