Blue Notary Platform

Are or have any of you used the Blue Notary Platform? It has the “free” platform for an individual Notary to bring own clients for GNW - or - Hybrid where you accept Notary from clients which has a monthly fee.

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Yes, I have it. In order to have ODN (On Demand Notary) you do have to pay a monthly fee.

Are signed up under the Hybrid? If so, do you find the ODN profitable - in other words worth the monthly fee?

It would depend on the frequency of the clientele they send you. Also there are other signing services that you can use, I would tap all that i can find and see which ones bite.

I use Blue Notary frequently for my remote online notarizations. I chose to pay the monthly fee because I can charge my fees to the client separately through invoice.

I was skeptical at first about using online, but you get that fear when you have never done it. I was quite surprised how everything works.

I have notarized for clients all over USA plus Italy, Hungary, and Spain. All out of country must have business or something that originated from the USA. The KBA technology will work for you, even if they are no longer in the states. If you do the free notarizations, you only pay the $3 fee plus you need to wait 2-3 days to get your money from Stripe.

If you pay monthly, you can get your money by invoicing your client for direct payment and I use Square so no waiting there. You still pay $3 fee that is used for the KBA technology or identity verification. My business has expanded because people find out by word of mouth that certain notaries have the training. Not all notaries embrace the technology of RON. Very Happy with Blue Notary!!

I found Blue Notary a few months ago and was excited they had a Free plan to use. I decided to try it and did my first notary signing… It went well and the platform was easy to use. That being said, I did not get paid for my service for over a week… going back and forth with their “customer service chat” on a daily bases, every day they kept saying “we are looking into this” after over 7 days of waiting I thought I would let people know to be cautious of this platform… I only wish I knew… :expressionless: :pensive: