BNN Services are low-ballers

Beware of this company. They low ball and then take money from you because you did not jump through their time frame that is not enough time. Then they say you were late to drop package when it is after business hours. I will no do another job for them.

I have only heard good things about them. I’ve received notifications for a couple of assignments, however they were already taken when I replied. Did not seem to be low-balling, based on what they wanted. I will keep an eye out. How many times have you worked for them? I’d like to know more, because I am in a very rural area, so traveling to some of these locations is a lengthy process in an of itself, in addition to not usually having a drop off location for UPS or FedEx where I can get a receipt. Almost always have to place in drop-boxes in these rural communities.

They give me 90 minutes to get them a 100 plus pages scanned, change to PDF and upload to Snap Docs and travel in that time frame.The job was over 30 minutes away.
Then they took money back because they said I said the docs were dropped. Not true. Plus I do not think their title company knows what they are doing (would not be a first).

I’ve worked with them a lot. I never had any issue, but yes, sometimes I don’t get paid a fair amount based on amount of documents printing and travel distance. In the other hand they pay on time, so that’s worth the “discount”