Bond Company needed for new Notary

Can anyone recommend a good company to get my bond? I don’t understand what I really need from all the add-on’s offered by companies like National Notary Assoc or Notary of America or ??.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Most states that require a Bond have a specific amount they want. What does your state say? A Bond is a Bond is a Bond, so I’m really not sure what you mean by ‘add-ons’. Perhaps Errors & Omissions? Many Bonding companies include ‘E&O’ with the Bond. I think mine also included a very (too) basic Notary Stamp. Been so long (AR commissions are 10 years–longest in country) I don’t remember–but google Merchants Bonding or even ‘notary bonds’ and start reading. Hope this helped.

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They want to add on documents, training, E&O (how much do you carry, if I can ask?), seals, stamps, journals, and other stuff I’m not sure I need.

I have not been able to find any companies who will just sell a bond.

Thank you for responding.

They do that because that’s how they make their money - by selling products. What you need is highly dependant on your state - so it’s difficult to fully answer your question without knowing where you are.

As for the bond - you probably have to have the bond before you’re commissioned - so you may want to go through an agency like Budget Notary, Troy Fain Insurance, or the like, who will process your application and provide the bond for you. If you’ve obtained the application for your state on your own, just google “notary public bond” - you’ll find your answers. The amount of bond needed is regulated by your state. Also, journal requirements are also regulated by your state…whether needed or not. Do you need an education course first in order to be commissioned or do you just sign an app and submit it? Des your state require you use a rubber seal or not? Again, state-specific.

As for E&O - that protects you from claims made again you for errors you make in your notarizations. How much you carry is entirely up to you .depending on your personal circumstances. When I was doing loan signings and was a very active mobile notary I carried $100,000 - now that I’m not doing signings and am not all that active any more, I’ve carried $25,000, and just recently decided not to renew in June…so I’ll carry none.

Hope this helps. And Good Luck

i get all my bonds and e & o from

Does notary rotary cover Professional Business E&O insurance or is it regular E&Os for only notarial acts? Where as Professional Business E&O covers you for SLA documents.