Borrower Copies

I always provide borrowers with copies unless I’m told not to. My question is, is it ok to leave shrunken copies? For instance two pages on each side, 4 pages each sheet. I have many customers that thank me for the reduced size saving them space but is there some legality where this is problematic? I have on occasion forgotten to give borrowers a copy of docs, which I offer to mail to them following the appt. Any other suggestions for this?

No, you need to leave an EXACT duplicate copy for the borrowers, don’t shrink, don’t print double sided and never email them them a copy, that’s for the lender or title/escrow to do should the borrowers ask. The EXACT copy will save you from time to time for page swaps in case errors are made. Aloha! :call_me_hand:t4:


I have been a signing agent for 10+ years and there has been many times where the borrower has made a mistake when signing, date, signed in wrong place, etc which then I need to swap out copy. Just curious have you not make a mistake or your borrower has made a mistake when signing? If not what have you been doing? And yes, you need to provide a duplicate copy of the entire package.