Hello . New NSA. I have a Refinance here shortly and this one has a BORROWER/OWNER/PURCHASER AFFIDAVIT. Do we fill this out because it states Title Agent: Commitment Number then at the bottom it has Borrower with no lines then By:

Check with your hiring party - this should already be filled out for signers to sign. You do not fill this out at all. If title wants it filled out they either do it themselves or the signers fill it out…you just notarize.

BTW, where are you located.

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Hi Linda.

Thank you for responding. I called them and they haven’t returned my call yet. I am located in OH

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Also, where it says Borrower there is no name no lines .

Then it says By: and this is where I would notarize

No - not without notarial wording - if there’s no signature lines there’s no notarization. If they want borrowers to sign, then you can attach your own cert, but title/lender needs to tell you what they want - ack or jurat. You can’t make that decision.

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Thank you. They never called me back

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